Ever since I was a little kid, my family would all rent out a cabin for a week in the summer and it was always so much fun. Honestly, it is one of my favorite childhood memories. After things got expensive we all stopped going but recently we have been renting out a cabin for the weekend in one of the winter months. Last weekend, I went with my boyfriend and a few of my family members and it was so relaxing and nice spending time together.

Everyone headed down earlier in the day but since I worked until five, my boyfriend and I headed down in the evening. It was only like an hour and a half away, but the fog and rain were so bad, it was a nightmare driving down haha. We got there around seven, changed, and then went to dinner at the Dutch’s at Silver Tree with my parents. This place is a MUST if you are ever in the area. Their food is so dang good! My dad and boyfriend ordered their buffet, my mom ordered their crab cakes and I ordered their stuffed mushrooms.

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After dinner, we headed back to the cabin to shower and put on some comfy clothes. I then checked out our cabin which was HUGE! It basically had four levels one being like a loft which had two bedrooms, that is where my boyfriend and I slept as well as my cousin and his family. The middle floor had the kitchen, dining area, living room, and two bedrooms. The lower level had two bedrooms and a game room, and then the basement had a small room and the pool/hot tub area.

In the morning, my boyfriend and I went to Trader’s Coffee House to grab a coffee and some breakfast. I was never there before but I ordered a latte with oat milk and my boyfriend ordered their salted caramel frappe which we both loved. For food, I ordered their belgian waffle and he ordered one of their breakfasts wraps. My waffle was the best waffle that I had ever had so I definitely recommend stopping here!

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After eating, we hung out and then got ready to go on the mountain coaster at The Wisp. It ended up really snowing so I was absolutely frozen but it was still really fun!

All-Seasons Spritzer(11)When we got back, my mom, boyfriend and I went to Uno Pizzeria & Grill for a late lunch. I highly recommend ordering one of their flat breads because they are so good! My boyfriend ordered their steak and cheese spring rolls which were really good to.

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After eating, we headed back to the cabin and took a short nap. My boyfriend and I woke up and I had him do my makeup. It was absolutely hilarious. You can watch the video and see his final masterpiece on my deep creek Instagram highlight. Later that night we all just played card games together and then went to bed. It was a fairly short trip, but spending time with my family is always my favorite.

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Cabin - Exceeding Expectations 331 Pinnacle Drive Swanton, Maryland Dutch's at Silver Tree 567 Glendale Road Oakland, Maryland Trader's Coffee House 21311 Garrett Hwy Oakland, Maryland Uno Pizzeria & Grill 19814 Garr

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