Marco Island, Florida Pack With Me


I just recently got back from my vacation in Florida and wanted to write up a packing list blog post for all things beach vacation related. When I started packing, I wish I had a list to go off of so I hope this is useful for you!

Carry On Duffle Bag

Kindle + Charger

Two Portable Chargers

Mac Laptop + Charger

Makeup + Skincare

One Pair of Socks

Hair Accessories


Two Pairs of Sunglasses

Beats + Charger

Louis Vuitton Agenda

Gucci Crossbody

Gucci Cardholder

Medicine + Vitamins

Hand Sanitizer


Mini Perfume

Free People Hat + Straw Hat


Two Beach Towels


Shampoo + Conditioner

Bodywash + Loofa

Toothbrush + Toothpaste


Two Pairs of Socks

Hair Brush


Blow Dryer

Makeup Wipes

Disinfecting Wipes

Razor + Shaving Cream

Old Maid + Uno


Heating Pad

White Mules

 Black Steve Madden Wedges

White Steve Madden Sandals

Dolce Vita Cheetah Sandals

Straw Purse

Yellow Plastic Bag

Becca One Piece

Cheetah Swimsuit

Red Swimsuit

Two Pairs of PJ’s

Z Supply Jumpsuit

White Tank Top

Gucci Slides

Denim Jacket

Gray Tank Dress

Two Aerie Boyfriend Tee’s

Two Aerie Shorts

Tomgirl Jeans

White Tee

Overall Stripe Shorts

Stripe American Eagle Dress

Splendid Stripe Dress

Black Maxi Dress

Stripe Mini Dress

Gray Aerie Cardigan

Target Lounge Pants

Button Down Cover Up

Tan Sweater

Aerie Jean Shorts

White Bodysuit

Blue Bucket Bag Shorts

American Eagle Two Piece Set

Loft Romper

Denim Target Shorts

Coca Cola Tee

Nude Lace Dress

Vineyard Vines Shorts

Green Floral Ruffle Skirt

Venice Tee

Swell Bottle

Starbucks Tumblr

Beach Bag

Lunch Bag/Cooler







Marco Island, Florida 2019

This was my first time visiting Marco Island and I was completely taken away. Every single house on the Island was breathtaking and our rental house was my absolute favorite place thus far. As for the island itself, everything is very clean and the people are extremely nice. The only issue we had was with the beach access. There is not many options when it comes to getting onto the beach and with a mother with multiple sclerosis and a grandmother it was a quite the process. We ended up flying into Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Fort Meyers. On the way home we thankfully had a direct flight. Once we touched down in Fort Myers we rented a car and drove to Marco. It was roughly 45 minutes so not bad at all. We got in around 6:30pm Saturday night. Like I said, the house we rented was absolutely breathtaking. Very clean and just beautiful. Our backyard was on one of the waterway canals so it was great for fishing. By the time we unloaded everything, my boyfriend and I headed to grab food at CJ’s on the Bay. I ordered a shrimp cobb salad and he ordered a salmon blt. Having dinner while watching the sun go down was the perfect start to our vacation. Highly suggest going here.


On Sunday, we woke up around 7:30am and went to grab breakfast at Empire Bagel Factory. I would honestly have to say they had the best breakfast sandwich that I have ever had. It is not a big place at all, just a little bagel shop but they do have some table seating inside. We just got everything to go and came back to the house. I ordered a breakfast sandwich with egg, sausage and cheese on a plain bagel, my mom ordered a flagel with homemade veggie cream cheese, and my boyfriend/grandma ordered the lox deluxe. Everything was very good!

After eating breakfast, we hungout by the pool for the rest of the day and played some card games. In the evening, we fished on the docks in the backyard and ordered takeout from Cocomo’s Grill. I ordered the homemade crab cakes which were pretty good. They were definitely on the larger side, so very filling. It came with two sides so I ordered rice and coleslaw. Both pretty good as well. On top of all of that, I ordered a caesar salad and hush puppies. Everything was pretty standard and tasty.


On Monday morning, we woke up early and headed to Tigertail beach with my dad and uncle to go fishing. One thing about this beach is it is a VERY far walk from the parking lot to the actual beach itself. You may think that the brown water is the only view but you have to walk left towards the condominiums to get to the actual ocean. I did find some nice shells though but it was brutally hot and the fleas were horrible. We also were able to catch some fish and see dolphins. My boyfriend insists that he saw a little shark but we can’t confirm. lol.

After fishing, my boyfriend and I went to Doreen’s Cup of Joe for breakfast. If I could recommend anything, it would be this place. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the breakfast food is by far the best that I have ever had. My boyfriend and I ordered their french toast as well as scrambled eggs and their homemade sausage patties. Both outstanding! We also went here for lunch on Tuesday. I ordered the biscuit sandwich with their homemade sausage. 10/10.

After eating here for breakfast, we went back to the house, relaxed, rode bikes, and swam.

One thing with Marco Island this time of year….the sun is HOT. Unlike the Outer Banks where we usually go, there isn’t much of a breeze and it takes the meaning hot to a whole new level. The level where you can’t sit outside in the sun for very long without feeling like death.  So because of that a lot of the time we hangout at the house and just swim in the pool. Monday evening, my boyfriend and I ordered takeout from Pinchers. We went to pick it up and it wasn’t ready yet, so we sat at the bar for drinks. Some drinks were buy one get one so he got a beer and I ordered a sangria. Thinking we would only be paying for one drink, he comes back with two of each. Here it had to be the same drink so needless to say, we got screwed. Lol. It was fun regardless though, we ended up meeting an older couple who live here and we all chatted for a while. It was a cool atmosphere inside and the food was pretty good. I love their cocktail sauce, especially on crackers! I ordered their grilled shrimp which was very good with a side of hush puppies and a caesar salad. He ordered the grouper sandwich and said it was amazing. So I suggest that with a side of their rice because it was super tasty! After getting our food, we went to Dolce Mare to get some chocolates and gelato. I ordered the chocolate gelato and it was very tasty! I am a Sarris Chocolate girl (hey Pittsburgh) so I wasn’t impressed very much by their chocolates. Definitely worth the visit though for the gelato. The staff was also very nice as well.

On Tuesday, we woke up and went to Doreen’s Cup of Joe with all of the family. As stated above, I highly suggest going here. Everything is just so dang good! After breakfast, we all got ready and drove down to Sunset Grill to the public beach. Down here, it is really tough to find a beach that is easily accessible. It was really hard on my mom with m.s and my grandma so we only lasted about an hour. The sand was so white though and the water was a pretty shade of light blue, but it honestly felt like bath water which was not very refreshing. My aunt went to Naples on Wednesday and said the beaches were much much better. So I suggest doing that. After the beach, we all just hung out and relaxed because we were exhausted from the heat. For dinner, we went back to Pinchers for takeout and I ordered a crab cake. It wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t the greatest.

On Wednesday, my mom, grandma, aunt, and I woke up and went to go to the farmers market which ended up being a bust because it was their off season so we ended up doing some shopping and then headed back to Empire Bagel Factory. Between there and Doreen’s Cup of Joe, I would be broke if I lived here! Lol. They both are so good! There was a really cute boutique next door called OMG That’s Chic. The owner was extremely nice and it was such a neat little shop.

When we got back to the house, I went fishing with my dad, uncle, and boyfriend. We went under the main bridge in which I got absolutely fried. Although I was under a little umbrella, my legs and feet resembled a tomato within just two hours of being outside. So another tip, always wear sunscreen! It was really cool though because we were able to see a lot of dolphins and manatees, up close.


After fishing, we went back to the house and swam in the pool. As you could imagine, I was somewhat miserable because of my sunburn but we played a couple of rounds of Uno and then relaxed. After Uno Tom and I ran to a few places, one being the local surf shop. I was able to finally buy myself a cute beach bag. Surf shops always have the cutest things, I swear! Unfortunately, It ended up really storming in the evening so for dinner we just ordered takeout from Joey’s Pizza. I ordered a turkey and provolone cold sub with banana peppers and a side caesar salad. Everyone else ordered more fancy things but because of having a bad stomach, I stuck with a safe meal.


On Thursday, the boys woke up early to go fishing so I went outside and relaxed while watching the sunrise and worked on some blog stuff. It has been so nice not having to work down here and actually be able to step back and relax. I ended up taking my grandma out for some shopping to Kay’s Boutique and Bealls Outlet. I have never been to one before and it reminded me a lot like TJ Maxx.


After shopping, my boyfriend and I went to Sunset Grille for lunch and some drinks. We were able to get a table outside on the beach so we ended up staying for a decent amount of time. Since it was right next to the public beach, my aunt went to the beach while we ate. We ended up all going back for dinner and had a really nice time even though it stormed really bad. Before the storms hit, we were able to watch the sun go down which was the perfect backdrop for dinner.

Today (Friday), is our flight home. My boyfriend and I woke up and headed back to Doreen’s Cup of Joe one last time which of course was amazing. This time I ordered their fruit belgium waffles with blueberries and strawberries with a side of two scrambled eggs.


After breakfast we just hung out and packed everything back up and headed to the airport around 3:00pm for our flight at 5:55pm which has now been delayed. Not to mad though because I am able to get this post up faster then I thought! Right after getting to the airport and turning our rental car in, we got a tornado warning and a killer storm. So our plane is now delayed until 8:00pm so fingers crossed that still happens! Regardless this trip was one for the books.



Memorial Day Weekend

Outfit Details: Zaful Swimsuit // Nordstrom eCover Up // Forever 21 Hat

For Memorial Day Weekend, I went to camp with my family. I have talked about my camp before but if you happened to miss those posts, my parents and a few other family members have places by a lake that we call TL. My boyfriend and I drove down Friday evening and although it rained for most of the weekend we still had a blast. It is always my favorite to sit by a bonfire with some family members and just relax. I even got a little fishing in on Saturday which was actually really relaxing. Weird right?



Palm Leaf Jumpsuit + Coffee Shop

Outfit Details: Forever 21 Jumpsuit // Target Sandals // Louis Vuitton Purse

This past weekend I went to my camp with my parents and grandma. We ended up taking off Friday so we all went down in the morning. Unfortunately, it rained all day so us girls went to Bridgeport, WV to do some shopping. We first stopped at a cute little bakery called Almost Heaven Desserts. This was the second time visiting and I once again was not disappointed. I ended up getting an iced coffee, acai bowl, carrot cake, and some cookies. It was all literally amazing. After the bakery we headed next door to a cute little monogram shop called About You Monograms. Yall, this was the CUTEST southern styled shop ever. Not only were the workers super nice but so was all of their stuff. They carried so many things such as monogrammed jewelry, bags, totes, clothes, housewear, baby stuff, etc. You name it, they had it. They also had really cute regular jewelry and accessories. I left with an adorable little purse, a bracelet, necklace, and a pineapple J key chain. After we were done shopping we headed back to camp for dinner and a bonfire.


On Saturday morning, my Dad made us all breakfast and then we headed out onto the boat. We stayed out for about five hours before going back to eat dinner and have another fire. Sunday morning we just woke up around nine and headed back home. Small weekend getaways are seriously my all time fav! As for this jumpsuit I can thank my boyfriend. He ended up buying it for me when he went on vacation out west. I can’t even lie, he did a damn good job with this one. Unfortunately, I can’t link this exact jumpsuit for obvious reasons but I did link some similar ones down below. I hope you all have a great week!






Los Angeles, California 2018

To say the time change had me all messed up is an understatement. I don’t know how people do this all of the time. We flew into LAX on Friday night (May 11) and didn’t get to our hotel until about 9:30pm. Which was actually 11:30pm PA time. I was exhausted and jet lagged beyond belief. Considering none of us really ate anything all day we ended up getting room service which was AMAZING.

On Saturday morning aka my birthday, I ended up waking up at 6:00am LA time due to the alarm clock in my hotel room going off (thanks to whomever set that). Even better, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. So I was up from 6:00am to about 10:30pm. But since back at home is three hours ahead I was all screwed up. Once I got my shit together, I met my Mom and Gram downstairs for a mimosa to celebrate my 24th birthday. After that we got ready and headed to Rodeo Drive which was exactly what I thought it would be. There were tourists everywhere, exotic cars, and a bunch of stores that sold things I couldn’t afford even if I tried. It was pretty chilly so we didn’t end up staying there too long. We only stopped at Agent Provectur and Sugarfina. Ive wanted to try Sugarfina candy for years and years so I was v happy to get a few things from there. The aesthetic was literal goals. After Rodeo we walked around Two Rodeo Drive which is definitely a must because of the architecture and stone walkway.









After we left Rodeo, we then headed to The Beverly Hills Hotel to have lunch at The Cabana Cafe. Which honestly was my favorite part of the trip. Everything about it was amazing. The service was great, food was delicious, and the aesthetic was once again everything I’ve ever dreamed of.







After doing all of that we came back to the hotel to relax and then went to Nordstrom Rack. The one back home I think was way better but I did buy a few small things.


The mall was like a little city in itself and trying to find a spot to park was mentally exhausting and took forever. One thing I learned about Los Angeles is that even though you may be close to where you’re going, you have to add in traffic which then makes your trip a heck of a lot longer. You could see the mall outside of our hotel room window so Nordstrom Rack was literally right across our hotel next to the 405 but by adding in traffic to it made a 5 minute trip basically 15 minutes.

After that adventure, we went back to the hotel to grab some yummy dinner and then headed back to the room to relax and catch some zzz’s!

On Sunday, our second day, we slept in for a little then got up and ready for the day. We ended up driving back to Rodeo Drive to stop at Sephora and Diptyque. Sephora ended up being way better than the one that is at my local mall. They had a larger selection of things and products that I had never heard of. So it was pretty cool checking new products out. I bought some of the HUM daily cleanse vitamins and my Mom and Grammy got some St. Tropez tanning stuff. The workers were extremely nice and with it being Mother’s Day, they gave my Mom a bunch of free samples including some yummy Sugarfina candy. After Sephora, we walked across the street to Diptyque where I finally bought the mimosa candle that has been on my wish list. The girl who helped me was extremely nice and since it was my birthday weekend she gave me a mini sized candle for free. So I didn’t feel as guilty spending $75 for one candle. *insert eye roll* After Rodeo we went back to the car and headed to the Sprinkles ATM which was another thing on my Cali bucket list. It was nothing special but I got some cute pics and a SUPER yummy carrot cake cupcake.


We then headed to Alfred Tea Room which was literally the cutest little place. Although it was tough to get to it was well worth the hassle. I wish we had a few back home because the Matcha boba tea I got was literally amazing! For the most part everywhere we went had no parking so it was either park in a parking garage which could get expensive or drive around until you find a spot on the street. I personally think Uber would have been a way better option but with my Mom and Grandma we just decided to drive the rental car around. Near Alfreds there was a cute little farmers market going on so we walked around there for a little bit before heading back to the car. It was actually really cute! There was mostly just a lot of different kinds of food and jewelry. The jewelry was really dainty and adorable but I did good and didn’t buy anything. Shocking I know.

After we did all of that running around we were all exhausted and went back to the hotel to relax, eat, and get some sleep. I ended up ordering room service so it was nice eating a shrimp salad in bed all while drinking a glass of wine with a view of Los Angeles’s Sunset.

On Monday morning we all woke up and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Since this was our last full day we had a lot to get done. We ended up going to Venice Beach, In-N-Out, Brandy Melville, Lululemon, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and then went to go see the Hollywood Sign.

I have always heard how good In-N-Out was so I was happy to finally try it out. Considering I have a bad stomach I didn’t try the burgers but the fries were way better than McDonald’s, lol. As for the stars, basically just as you see on TV, it was nothing more than miles of stars. My Grandma wanted to get a picture with Trump’s star so we drove around looking for it. It ended up being in front of a small mall which we were going to anyways because you could see the Hollywood sign from the second level. There was SO many people there that we went and got our pictures and then left.


All in all I had a lot of fun on this trip but I probably wouldn’t go again. It was awesome to see all of the things I heard about and saw on television but the traffic and LA scene is just not for me. If you ever get the chance to go I would definitely check out everything I talked about but make sure to bring a couple of thousand dollars because you will 100% need it.



Outer Banks, North Carolina 2017

I am finally getting around to posting all about my trip to Corolla! I have been home for about two weeks already but have been nonstop busy. I have been going on vacation to the Outer Banks for about 13+ years but unfortunately, this will be the last year for a while because my family is all starting to have their own lives and it is becoming difficult with the 9/10 hour car ride. That being said, I tried to do a lot while I was there this time. My friend Lauren and I left on Friday (August 4) around 4:45 after we both got off work. Luckily, we got a hotel in Virginia so we only had to drive about five hours. It wasn’t too bad of a drive but by the time we got food and gas we both were exhausted and passed out early. We woke up around 7:00 so we were able to get on the road early to drive the rest of the way. It was a good drive up until we crossed the bridge that takes you into the Outer Banks. That is where we sat in traffic for about two hours. It was MISERABLE. When we finally got through we met up with the rest of the family for lunch at a place called Tomato Patch. It wasn’t that great but considering I hadn’t eaten, I was just happy to have food. After we finished, we had to kill an hour because our house wasn’t ready yet. The best way to kill time is to shop so that was exactly what we did. When we got the call that our house was good to go we headed there, unpacked, and relaxed for a bit. Later that evening , Lauren and I went to get Mexican food at a place called Coastal Cantina. My FAVORITE place to eat on the OBX because they have the BEST burritos!!! Since there was an hour wait, we just hung out at the bar and had a margarita and pina colada. On Sunday we went to the beach for a few hours then went to the Currituck Lighthouse. It was years since I have climbed it so I wanted to do it again one last time. Climbing 220 steps in 80 degree weather is always fun right? Nope.


After doing all of that we went back to the house for dinner and then went back to the beach to watch my uncle and cousin fish. We topped the night off with some ice cream and went to bed early. Monday was a rainy day, it literally poured ALL day and stormed so bad. Luckily, we planned ahead and decided to make it our shopping day so we were all okay with it. We first went to TJ Maxx and a cute boutique called Foxy Flamingo. After shopping we stopped for some lunch at Mulligans which has been our spot to get lunch on our shopping days for over five years. When we finished up eating, Lauren and I headed to J. Crew, The Gap, and the Cottin Gin to shop some more.  On Tuesday we also had bad weather so we pretty much just stayed inside all day long. In the morning we went to Duck Donuts to grab a dozen of their donuts and then went to a new place I found called The Juice Jar. There I  got an acai bowl and a beet juice. I wasn’t that big of a fan of the juice but the acai bowl was absolutely amazing! Since all of us were inside for a couple hours we ended up playing Pictionary and then went to dinner at a Mexican place called Agave Roja. It was my second time eating there and it did not disappoint. Although I spent $50 on my meal it was honestly so worth it. On Wednesday, it finally got nice out again. We all went to the beach for a few hours and then I hung out at the pool that our house had. Wednesday night we went to the Whalehead Club for a ghost tour. It was super cool to go to and I learned a lot about the history of Corolla. Most people find it hard to believe but I am a huge history nerd. Shocking, I know. On Thursday, we had a relaxing day at the beach and then went to Jockey’s Ridge and Pea Island.  Jockey’s Ridge is a state park that has huge sand dunes. I always love going there because it is fun to walk around on the dunes. It almost feels like you’re in the dessert. Pea Island has been a place I have gone to for about three years. No one really knows about it unless you’re a local. It is a National Wildlife Refuge but if you walk a good bit into it, you get to a vacant beach with really big seashells. I just like going every time I am in the Outer Banks because it is super relaxing and cool to adventure on. There is also a vacant lifesaving station that makes it even better.

Friday was our last day there which I wasn’t that mad about. I was ready to come home and sleep in my own bed. It probably would of been better if it didn’t rain as much and we spent more time at the beach but I will take a week of vacation either way. Of course it rained all day though so we didn’t go to the beach but Lauren and I had scheduled a paint and sip at the Lilly Pulitzer specialty store called Life’s A Beach. It was fun because we got to paint a Lilly Pulitzer print not just something random. It was my second time doing it and was just as fun as the first time.

After we finished up we did some last minute shopping then I went and got another acai bowl. Later that night we went to dinner at Sun Fish Grill. I finally got my crab legs that I was craving all week! On Saturday everyone left at 5:00 except for Lauren and I. We ended up leaving at 9:00 since we were going to get a hotel half way home. After driving like an hour I just wanted to get home so we ended up just driving the rest of the way. It took forever but we got home around 8:30 and I was beyond happy to finally be in my own bed!



Savannah, Georgia 2016

I finally got around to visiting Savannah again after so many years! Unfortunately, I only went for a short weekend but I was able to do a lot in that small amount of time. I ended up going with my Grandma, Mom, and Aunt so we made it into a little girls trip. When we flew in on Friday, we got in late so we just went to dinner at Rocks on the Roof which was a rooftop restaurant that looked over the river. After that we walked around City Market and then headed back to the hotel for the night.

Saturday morning we woke up early and went to breakfast at Mirabelle café where I had the best Belgian waffles! I still dream about them months later.

When we finished eating we headed across the street to go inside of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It was absolutely breathtaking. While there my Mom, Aunt, Gram, and myself lit a candle in my Paps memory which was really cool!

After that we headed to a bunch of boutiques and shops as well as some historical landmarks. This part of my day was probably my favorite part of the whole entire trip! Thanks to one of my blogger friends who is from Savannah she told me about a few really cute boutiques! If you ever visit Savannah you must stop at Red Clover Boutique, The Paris Market, Fabrik, and The Impeccable Pig. The boutiques in Savannah are so much nicer than the ones back here at home because they are way more unique and budget friendly.

After going to the boutiques, we went to Kendra Scott and Kate Spade. I have never been to an actual Kendra Scott store so I loved every second of it. After doing some damage we headed to get some lunch at a local restaurant called Trailer Park, where I had an amazing Cobb Salad! I even stopped in Chocolat by Adam Turoni which was an experience in itself!

After eating lunch, we walked around a little bit and pretty much were your basic tourists. I was able to check out where Forest Gump was filmed as well as got to see some cool old buildings. I loved the look of literally everything.

Later that night, we took a haunted carriage ride around town where we learned about the history and some of the local ghost stories. One thing that I found some interesting was why many of the homes have fish statues/decor and blue painted doors. Considering Savannah is extremely haunted, the fish are supposed to keep the ghosts away because supposedly they can’t cross over water so the people use the fish and blue doors to resemble water. They do this so their homes can not be affected by ghosts. It is definitely something to look up and read about because it was so oddly interesting.


Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to the airport. Unfortunately they over sold our flight so we had to rent a car and drive all the way to Charolette’s Airport where we finally were able to fly home! All in all, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back and hopefully call it home one day!