I have received so many messages about this hair dry that I wanted to make an in depth post with my honest review so it would answer all of your questions. I finally bought this back in September after seeing it all over Instagram. Sometimes with bloggers, you have to watch what is posted because they get paid to review products. I would like to think that most women wouldn’t lie but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

I purchased this on Amazon for around $50 and I can honestly say, I got my money’s worth. I pretty much use this every other day after washing my hair. I have heard to not use it right away to dry your hair because it can burn it since it gets so hot. Some have even said to be careful on how many times you use it because there is no way to lower the temperature. I personally have yet to run into an issue using it weekly, I just simply let my hair air dry for a couple of minutes before using it. I also use this Redken blow dry spray which not only helps speed up the drying process but it also acts as a heat protectant.

Here is a before and after picture from using it to dry my hair. Whenever I use a regular blow dryer, my hair is always frizzy but when using this as you can tell my hair drys pretty straight. Since I shower and wash my hair at night, I don’t style it because I am obviously going to bed but I do typically run my straightener through it in the morning.

Overall, this is one of my favorite hair tools mainly because it cuts my dry time nearly in half all while leaving my hair smooth, volumized and frizz free. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a new hair dryer.


Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Wash | One of my favorite drug store face washes. I actually keep this in my shower to wash my face and take my makeup off at night. I love how it leaves my skin feeling super cleansed and soft. It is very gentle and not at all harsh.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Wash | Another favorite face wash! I use this every morning to wash my face because it always wakes me up and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. It has a cooling sensation which really wakes you up!

Pixi Glow Tonic Toner | Something that I go back and fourth on using is this toner. I have repurchased this many times and end up always going back to it. It isn’t as light as the Thayers Witch Hazel Toner but it isn’t as harsh as others. I would say its a medium toner when it comes to drying your skin!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | My go-to when it comes to removing my makeup! It is great for my sensitive skin. I just put a little on a cotton pad and gently rub off my makeup. It takes off my waterproof makeup very easily!

Neutrogrna Makeup Remover Wipes |I love using these for when I travel. These wipes are one of the popular ones and I can honestly say they are by far my favorite makeup remover wipes! Again, with me having sensitive skin I have to really watch what I put on my face. That being said, I have been using these for years and have yet to have an issue.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner | Really light on my skin and never drys it out. I would say this is the best option toner wise for people with sensitive skin. This bottle has lasted me months and I use it every day!

Jergens Daily Moisturizer | One of my favorite body lotions because it doesn’t break the bank and also actually does what it is supposed to do. I have used this since I was a freshman in high school so you could say it is a staple!

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment |Another product that I couldn’t recommend more. My dad actually showed it to me over ten years ago and I have been using it ever since. I only use it when I have a blemish and typically it goes away in a day or two. It really dries it out which helps it heal faster.


FARMACY COCONUT GEL SHEET MASK – BRIGHTENING | Coconut-water-infused sheet mask with purple broccoli and plant-based collagen for a healthy looking glow. This is one of my favorite sheet masks as well as the hydrating one. They are super easy to use and even leave a cooling sensation which I love. I leave it on for ten minutes. It helps with loss of firmness, elasticity, dullness and uneven texture. It also is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. I have repurchased this many times because it is so good!

FARMACY COCONUT GEL SHEET MASK – HYDRATING | Coconut-water-infused sheet mask with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract to help skin appear healthier and glowing. It helps with dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity. It also is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. I have repurchased this many times as well so I really recommend both of these sheet masks.

GRANDE COSMETICS LASH ENHANCING SERUM MINI | This serum helps with making your lashes longer and thicker. I have seen this everywhere on Instagram so I wanted to try it out. For application, you are supposed to use a single stroke on your eyelid just above your upper lash line daily and allow it to dry for a minute or two. It says that you can notice a difference within six weeks but to allow a full three months because of your lash cycle. I will report back with my overall review/experience after using it for a few weeks. It is free of parabens and is also cruelty-free.

FRESH KOMBUCHA FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE | This is a bestselling anti-pollution treatment essence powered by antioxidant-rich kombucha for smooth skin. It helps with dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. You gently pat it over cleansed face and neck with your palms and then apply your serum and moisturizer. It is a liquid form so I just use a little bit on each part of my face. I have already noticed that it has made my skin feel really soft and it smells good! It is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens and phthalates.

DAE DAILY SHAMPOO | This shampoo gently cleanses and hydrates your hair and scalp while detoxifying and removing buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Clearly, the packaging is amazing but I was excited to see how the formula was. After trying it out, it smells absolutely amazing! The packaging was a little hard to get open but aside from that I can’t think of anything that I don’t like. It left my hair feeling smooth and looking shiny!

DAE DAILY CONDITIONER | Same thing as the shampoo, this stuff is great. It repairs and strengthens damaged hair, improves shine and elasticity and restores smoothness.

DAE DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT | This treatment hydrates and strengthens, gently cleanses without stripping and promotes shine and smoothness. You can use it weekly or as needed. You massage it from mid-lengths to ends on damp hair leaving it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinsing.

SUMMER FRIDAYS LIP BUTTER BALM | This is a silky vegan lip mask that hydrates and soothes your lips while sealing in moisture. It smells really good and has worked wonders on my lips! I did notice that the mask leaks out thought so be careful when opening it.

TAN-LUXE ILLUMINATING SELF TAN DROPS | I have seen so many people use these self tanning drops so I wanted to give them a try. To apply, you put a couple of drops into your moisturizer, serums or face oil and then rub in all over your face. Always make sure you wash your hands afterwards! I only have used these once and didn’t notice a difference when I woke up so I will report back after using it a couple of more times. It does smell really good though! I would say that it does not have the typical self tanner smell which I really liked. This is also cruelty- and toxin-free.

BOBBI BROWN SKIN WEIGHTLESS POWDER FOUNDATION | This was another repurchase of mine. It is very pricey but I have yet to find a powder that is even half as good as this one. So I stock up whenever this sale happens. I bought it in the color warm ivory because it works all year round for me. I typically put it on top of my liquid foundation and it makes my skin look insanely smooth. It is an oil-free powder that has a soft – creamy texture with adjustable, natural-looking coverage.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS SINGLE EYE SHADOW – HOT CHOCOLATE | These are my all time favorite eye shadows. Typically, I buy them at TJ Maxx because they’re super cheap there but I wanted to get this color for my eyeliner. They blend so well and last hours!

ISLE OF PARADISE SELF TANNING DROPS РDARK | This was another repurchase for me except this time, I bought the dark shade instead of the medium. I bought two of these because they are seriously my absolute favorite self tanner. It is super easy to apply as you just put a few drops into your moisturizer. I apply mine at night after the shower. Isle of Paradise’s products are made with color-correcting technologies to help even out skin tone. This is cruelty-free, vegan, organic, and made using certified organic ingredients.

LANCOME MONSIEUR BIG MASCARA | This is my all time favorite mascara. I have been using this one for years. It is a long-lasting, voluminous mascara with a black-boosting polymer in its pigment for 12 times more volume and up to 24 hours of wear.

NARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER | Another favorite of mine that I have been using for years. This concealer is an award-winning concealer that corrects, contours, highlights, and perfects up to 16 hours. The botanical blend hydrates, firms, reduces redness, and strengthens the look of skin by helping its barrier retain moisture. Typically, concealers really dry out and irritate my under eyes but this one has never done that.

FRESH ROSE HYALURONIC ACID TONER | Another repurchase for me! This toner is awesome if you have sensitive skin. It is a daily, non-stripping toner with real rose petals and hyaluronic acid that minimizes the look of pores while increasing skin hydration. It doesn’t irritate my skin because it is not as harsh as some other toners are. To use, pour some onto a cotton pad and sweep over your face and neck. You can use this daily, morning and night, after cleansing and before you apply your serum and moisturizer.

SEPHORA NOURISHING MOISTURIZER | I have used the Drunk Elephant whipped moisturizer for years now but it becoming super pricey for me. I was talking to a Sephora employee about switching it up and she said this was just as good so I am excited to try it out especially since it is $43 cheaper. This is a daily cream that moisturizes, nourishes, repairs, and softens skin while preventing premature aging.

FRESH SEABERRY MOISTURIZING FACE OIL | This face oil is a moisturizing blend of antioxidant-packed pure oils and vitamin E for youthful skin. It helps with dryness, dullness, uneven texture and loss of firmness/elasticity. To apply, you massage two drops onto your skin after cleansing and toning. So far, I really like this face oil! I have really sensitive skin so trying new products can go down hill quickly but this left my skin feeling very soft and smooth with no allergic reaction.

HOURGLASS ANGLE LINER BRUSH | I have been wanting to try powder eyeliner for a while now. That being said, I wanted to invest in a good brush so the line turns out sharp looking. This one had good reviews so I went for it! I will report back on how well it works.


FOUNDATION clinique acne solutions liquid makeup | This is my absolute favorite foundation. Since my skin is so sensitive, I have to really be cautious on what products I use. I have tried foundations from Makeup Forever, It Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bare Minerals and many others but nothing compared to this one. I would always end up breaking out or just simply not liking how it looked. This one is lightweight, medium coverage and with my oily skin, it actually stays on. It is non-irritating, oil free and has medicated ingredients to help treat existing breakouts. Typically, I wear shades 2, 3 or 4 depending on how tan I am.

POWDER clinique stay-matte pressed powder | When I use foundation, I always put powder over it to keep it in place since my t-zone gets oily. This powder pairs very well with the foundation above and I like how it is compact and easy to use on the go. I use the shade 17.

CONCEALER nars radiant creamy concealer | This is by far my favorite concealer. I love how it is lightweight but full coverage. I had dry under eyes so a lot of the time, I get really bad irritation from other concealers. This one doesn’t bother me at all and is also easy to blend in. I use the shade vanilla.

SETTING POWDER laura mercier translucent loose setting powder | If you know, you know. This is just the best setting powder on the market. It literally lasts me forever. It is worth every penny.

SHADOW anastasia beverly hills eye shadow singles | I typically use four colors. A warm brown, dark brown, light brown and a nude. I change the colors up so I can’t give you the exact names. ABH just has the best shadows in my opinion because they are long lasting and also super easy to blend. As for what I do, I first cover my lid with a nude color. Then I go over that with a light brown. I put a warm brown shade in my crease and then finish the look with the dark brown blended on the corners.

BROWS anastasia beverly hills perfect brow pencil | I did end up tinting my brows but I use this pencil to fill in the scarce areas. The pencil lasts a lot longer for me compared to the other brow products so it has been my go-to for years. I use the shade blonde.

BRONZER benefit hoola matte bronzer | I have been using this bronzer ever since it came out and have yet to fall out of love with it. I literally have nothing bad to say about it. I have never seen a bronzer that works for so many skin tones. It stays on forever and is so easy to blend in. It is definitely my go-to!

BLUSH charlotte tilbury cheek to chic blush | I just recently started using this for the past couple of months and love how pigmented it is. Although, it is a little one the pricey side, it stays on for a while and is easy to blend in.

HIGHLIGHT becca shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter | Another staple in the makeup world. It stays on my skin for hours and looks amazing on so many skin tones. I have been using this product since it first came out and have purchased many since. A little bit goes a long way so it will last you a very long time.

MASCARA PRIMER lancome cils booser xl super-enhanced mascara base | I use this before I put on my Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara and it works wonders. I have had so many people hooked on this product because it simply is just that good. I put it on and let it sit for about 30 seconds and then I put the mascara on.

MASCARA lancome monsieur big mascara | I have tried many other mascaras, cheap and pricey and always resort back to this one. It is long lasting and really makes my lashes full. One negative is that it doesn’t last as long as I would like as I can only get about three months out of it but it is still so worth it.

EYELINER stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner – micro tip | Another staple that I have been using for years. It doesn’t smear, last long and is the perfect shade of black. I like using the micro tip because it is way more precise. I typically will draw a small cat eye because it gives the illusion that your eyes are more open.

BRUSHES morphe | These are my go-to brushes. They are not that pricey but they have a luxury feel. I have been using them for years even on my clients when I was a freelance makeup artist. They work really well and have a huge selection to choose from. Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star even have collaborated with them.


I have spent so much money on brow pencils over the years that I could probably of had numerous Louis Vuitton bags at this point…or better yet, a fairly larger savings account. If I would ever go out with no makeup on, I would be sure to at least have my brows filled in. Being a natural blonde, my brow hair is very light. I have thought about getting microblading done but I personally don’t have hundreds of dollars to blow on something like that. Especially since it doesn’t last long. When I heard about this brow tinting kit on Amazon, I was really tempted. And now that I have tried it out, it is honestly one of my favorite products now. I was a little nervous to try it out but after reading a lot of reviews, I figured I would have nothing to lose especially since I will be stuck at home for quite some time. So if you’re looking to try this out, I can’t think of a better time to do so!

I was really surprised how easy the process was. The kit comes with a bunch of capsules, developer, a mixing bowl and an applicator. You simply just take one capsule and open it in the bowl and then add the same amount of developer. I mixed it up and then applied with the applicator. I let it sit on my eyebrows for about a minute and a half. I think next time, I am going to only do one minute. It does stain your skin so if you happen to get it where you don’t want it, just take a q-tip and remove it before it dries. I shaped my brows a little so I wanted to stain my skin where my hair was scarce. Again, it was a super easy process. I used the color light brown and as you can see, it is not that….but after a few days it faded and now I really love the color! Feel free to ask me any questions below!


If you’re not familiar with Pretty Vulgar, they are a cruelty-free makeup brand sold at Sephora. I came across them a few years ago when they first came out and I immediately bought a few products. I never ended up sharing them so when I came across a variety of their products at TJ Maxx, I decided to buy them and test them out. I am starting to only use cruelty-free makeup so I will be reviewing a lot more in the near future.


Bronzed B Powder Bronzer | This is a matte bronzing powder that gives you a more natural finish. I have used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for years because it is so good but this works better if you’re looking for a more subtle look. 4/5

Under Cover Concealer | I typically use either the Nars concealer or Tarte shape tape so using a new one was really out of my comfort zone. That being said, I wasn’t all that impressed with this one. The coverage wasn’t the best and it also was pretty liquid. 3/5

Poisonous Pout Plumping Gloss | This gloss definitely made your lips tingle but I didn’t notice that much of a plump but the shades both went on well. It was a little sticky but nothing that was annoying like other glosses. 4/5

The Feathers Mascara | Not only is the packaging amazing but the overall product was pretty good too. I wear it to work all day and have no fall out or running. 5/5

Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara | Another really good mascara from Pretty Vulgar. I had no fall out or running. Not too mention the packaging is the cutest!

Early Bird Palette | The packaging is by far the best that I have ever seen. For me, I wear natural/light colors so this palette is perfect. The shadows do have a little bit of fallout but blend pretty well. 4/5

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this brand. Not only is their packaging amazing but they’re cruelty free which is such a big deal these days as it should be. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding this haul!



I have recently become so obsessed with skincare and I can thank my horrible hormonal acne for that. Back in my teens, I always suffered from cystic acne which resulted in me having to go on accutane for a year. As I got older, my acne ended up pretty much disappearing. Every once in a while I will get a break out but it is not even near what it used to be. I broke things down into my morning routine and nighttime routine. I also added some masks that I occasionally use!

  • My skin type: normal/oily, acne prone, sensitive (dry in winter months)
  • My concerns: hormonal acne, blemishes, acne scares, pore size
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STEP ONE soy face cleanser + STEP TWO truth serum + STEP THREE c.e.o glow oil + STEP FOUR eye cream

  1. Cleanse: The first thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth and wash my face. This is my go-to face wash because it is gentle on my skin but leaves me feeling refreshed. I also occasionally will use the Clean & Clear Morning Burst since it is cheaper but does the same trick.
  2. Anti-Aging Serum: I have always heard so many great things about this serum so after trying it out for a few weeks, it is now apart of my daily routine. It helps with dryness, dullness and loss of firmness. My skin has been so incredibly smooth since I started using it!
  3. Vitamin C Face Oil: This Sunday Riley face oil is one of my favorites! It helps with dullness, dark spots and uneven texture. It always leaves my face feeling so smooth and my foundation sets perfectly on top.
  4. Brightening Eye Cream: I put this on if I don’t plan on wearing foundation because it really brightens up my under eyes. A little bit goes a long way so this will definitely last you. It helps with dark circles, puffiness and dryness. It also won the Allure readers choice award in 2018!
Makeup Remover(1)
  1. Cleansing Balm: I still sometimes use the Neutrogena makeup wipes, but this year I am really trying to cut down on my waste. I saw this at Sephora a few months back and figured I would give it a try. Although it is not the best for traveling, it really does the trick. I use a penny size in the shower after work to take off all of my makeup prior to washing my face.
  2. Face Wash: This has become one of my favorite face washes! I always say this one and the morning burst are my favorite drug store products and I truly recommend them to everyone. It really is deep cleansing and leaves my face looking and feeling oil free!
  3. Clarifying Face Oil: I have only been using this face oi l for a few weeks unlike any of the other skincare products that I have shared but with the short amount of time that I have used it, I really do love it! I have already noticed a change in my skin and it helps with acne blemishes, blackheads and pores which are my main concerns.
  4. Whipped Cream: This drunk elephant moisturizer is my all time favorite! I honestly have tried so many other moisturizers and always come back to this one. It is a pretty penny but always works wonders on my skin. Unlike other moisturizers that I have tried, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and not oily whatsoever.
Copy of Cleanse
  1. Lip Mask: If you follow other bloggers, you have probably heard about this lip mask. It is honestly so so good and worth the hype. I use it before bed every night and always wake up with super soft-moisturized lips. Especially in the winter months, this saves lives!
  2. Jet Lag Mask: I purchased this a while back when it first came out and still use it to this day. I have super sensitive skin and always break out in an allergic reaction when trying new creams but this was awesome and still always leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. It helps with dryness and uneven texture.
  3. Black Tea Mask: This is probably one of my favorite masks. It not only smells amazing but it feels so cooling and refreshing after applying it. I leave it on for about ten minutes and then wash it off with warm water. It always leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s butt!
  4. Sheet Mask: This happenes to be one of my holy grail purchases from a few years back. I ended up even getting some of my friends hooked on using it! Farmacy really as the best sheet masks ever! I wish I could afford to buy one for each week but your girl is now a broke washed up college student who is in debt lol! But nonetheless, it is worth every penny. I also really love the hydrating one which is yellow. This one helps with loss of firmness, dullness and uneven texture where as the hydrating one helps with dryness.