Band Tee + Vans

Crop Top + Flannel + Sneakers

Sweater + Ankle Booties

Sweater + Printed Heels

Blouse + Strappy Heels

I love reading through bloggers posts that show different ways to style one piece so I wanted to make one of my own. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out how to style a unique piece such as this skirt so it makes things much easier when you have some pictures to go off of. This goes to show that you can get so many looks off of just one piece!


A few weeks ago, I was strolling around Target and came across this dress and immediately threw it in my cart. I have really been loving the look of tiered dresses and this print was to die for. I wanted to share three simple ways to wear a dress like this in the spring. You never really know what you’re going to get weather wise especially here in Pittsburgh so I tried to style based on rain or shine.


I love styling a dress with sneakers because it makes the best casual/firty look! I have had my eyes on these white Vans for years and finally caved a few months ago. I seriously get so so so much wear out of them! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a new pair of sneaks.

Combat Boots/Doc Martens

Another way you can style a dress is with of course, Doc Martens. I definitely would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous wearing these boys out because well lets be honest, old people think I am goth and depressed and my boyfriend makes fun of me….hey it is fashion right? I personally love them and they truly can make or break an outfit.

Denim Jacket

Lastly, you can always wear a denim jacket and throw on cute little ankle booties to make the perfect look. I have recently been buying so may denim jackets that I think I may be officially addicted. You can wear them with SO many different outfits though so I highly recommend getting one if you don’t already. I have about five different jackets that are all completely different which works for me because I can get a lot of outfits out of them!


This has been an on-going topic in my dms so I wanted to talk about it on here. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the most recent photo shoot that I did with a bunch of local girl bosses. A few people messaged me on how I was able to be apart of that as well as the shoot that I did a few months back. So I am here to talk about all things blog related from how I got started and how I got into networking. First and foremost, I am a very small blogger compared to other women but to me it is not about the number of followers or the likes I get on a picture. For me, it is all about helping others. I don’t need a paycheck. I don’t need to be insta famous and quit honestly, I don’t ever want to be. But one thing I do want, is for people to not only be inspired but to truly get something out of my posts. I want you to walk away with confidence and a smile and maybe some outfit inspo or a lifestyle tip + trick or most recently, a health and wellness remedy.

How I Got Started

I started blogging back in middle school when tumblr was a big thing. I never was serious about it but I did gain a significant amount of followers. Fashion has just always been a passion of mine, I was even planning on going to IUP for fashion merchandising prior to my health problems.  When Instagram became bigger and bigger, I then decided to make a website and start sharing my outfits on there. I started with just a free version of WordPress for a few years and then after realizing this was something I really wanted to dive into, I bought my current website.

How I Gained A Loyal Following

For starters, if you’re looking on starting a blog thinking you’re going to get a paycheck, try something else haha. Because that is more than likely not going to happen for a very LONG TIME. I have been blogging full time for over two years and have just recently began making money but it is not even close to something that I can live off of. As for my followers, I don’t really pay attention to the number, but I have recently been gaining a decent amount and all I can say is, it is because I am genuine and just post the things that I love. I used to always worry about what everyone else was doing and tried copying them and I hated myself for that and my content showed. You can tell when someone is not being true to themselves. If you’re not being yourself your followers will take note to that. You are your brand so remember to find your niche and run with it.

Networking in the Blogger World

As for networking, this past year has been my first time focusing on meeting other bloggers and getting my name out there. Oddly enough, I tend to be an introvert, but I have met so many AMAZING women from stepping out of my comfort zone. I did a blogger bash at The Lovliest in Sewickley a few months ago which is where I started realizing how important networking really was. It was a free event that had speakers, food, coffee, and all things pink. All of us girls got our hair done and it was just the best time. But I wasn’t going to go. I had just got my IUD put in not even 48 hours prior and if I am being honest I was petrified. I was going an hour away to a place I have never been to be in a room full of gorgeous women that I have never met. But guess what, I went and I had the best freaking time. Within minutes of walking in, I met two girls who are now both some of my fav blogger friends in Pittsburgh. Not only did I meet new friends but I networked and met so many amazing girl bosses and I was overall so inspired. In a room full of absolutely gorgeous boss babes not once did I feel out of place. I felt confident and just overall so thankful for the opportunity.  A few weeks after that event, Katherine the owner of the Loveliest, reached back out about a Galentines/Bridal shoot that her and a few other girl bosses were putting together. If I would of never went to the prior event, I would of never had the opportunity. So of course I said yes and eight hours later, I drove home with a smile on my face because I once again, had the best time. I met more boss babes and even drove with one of the girls I met at the prior event hey Crystal hey! How funny is it that she literally lives not even five minutes from me. So shout out to Crystal from Crystal June Blog! As for the other boss babes…I met the photographer who was so sweet and who is truly a gem in the photography world, Molly. Check her website out here. I met the planner + florist Hannah from Sip and Celebrate who absolutely KILLED it. I highly recommend her if you are local. Amanda who was my makeup artist from Glam to Go … I have never had my makeup done before because I actually was a freelance makeup artist for four years so I was always the one doing the makeup but even through my fidgeting she nailed it. And lastly, Kat who did our hair from Lavender Loft Hair Studio. As you can tell from the pictures, she is a hair fairy! Everyone was so incredibly nice. I shot with three other bloggers, Crystal, Anna from  who is the absolute sweetest ( I briefly met her at the blogger bash) and I met another local blogger babe Leilani from The Cole Journal who was also super sweet. So basically what I am trying to say is get out of your comfort zone and do your thing. Because deciding to go that day was the best thing I have ever done.



Hi Babes! My creative juices have been flowing and I have so many good posts coming your way! I try to put aside a few minutes every night to read one or two of my favorite bloggers blog posts. It is oddly soothing for me and also helps give me some inspiration. I work so hard on each post so if you can take away one thing from reading, I am one happy gal.

DRESS shein smock dress | JACKET nordstrom denim jacket | SANDALS target cork bottom mules

For the first look, I paired this Shein dress with these cork bottom mules and my denim jacket. This look would work perfect for an evening dinner (if we are ever done with the whole social distancing thing, ugh). These sandals are super comfortable and easy to walk in so this could even make a cute outfit for work. Target has the best trendy shoes that don’t break the bank and are also great quality so I highly recommend checking their spring shoes out.

DRESS shein smock dress | JACKET nordstrom denim jacket | SANDALS steve madden karin sandals

For the second look, I paired this Shein dress with these tie sandals and my denim jacket. This would be cute to wear on a cooler evening out or even a lunch date with the girls! One thing that I love about this dress is that it can go with neutrals so it is easy to style it so you get a more casual look.


TOP button front cropped shirt | MOM JEANS cool classic mom jean (wearing a size two) | SNEAKERS old skool vans | FANNY PACK universal thread

More often than not, I am always wearing these mom jeans. They are so comfortable and can be styled so many different ways. I ended up buying this cropped button down from Goodwill a few weeks back, but it is originally from Topshop. I swore to myself that I would never hop on the fanny pack bandwagon but here I am. I was hoping to get this fanny pack in black but Target only had it in this taupe color and brown but I am kind of digging this taupe color. Honestly, I just am obsessed with how this look came together. I have recently been changing up my style a little bit and feel so much happier with my overall look. Back in high school and even middle school, I was always into the skater look. You never ever saw me in pink or bows haha! Although my mom and grandma would of preferred it.



T SHIRT rolling stones tee (wearing a small) | SKIRT leopard front slit midi skirt (wearing a two) | SNEAKERS old skool vans (wearing a seven) | JACKET leather jacket (wearing a small)

Hi babes! Happy Monday. As you can probably tell, the format has changed quite a bit on here. I have been trying out a bunch of new designs and formatting to see what works better for me and of course you. This will be my new format for all of my fashion related posts from here on out. I hope this makes it easier for you to navigate links as well as more in depth descriptions. That being said, I am so excited to share this leopard skirt that I picked up a few weeks ago at the No 14 Boutique Galentines Event. Every time I see a band tee paired with a skirt I just become more obsessed! I paired it with my black vans but hope to purchase a pair of Doc Martens here shortly in which I would also pair with this look. One nice thing about this skirt is it can be worn in he summer with sandals but also in the winter with boots or sneakers so it is a great piece to have in your closet!



I have seen Shein advertised so many times but I was always afraid to actually go through with a order up until last week. After browsing their website and seeing all of the many five star reviews, I decided to make my first purchase. First and foremost, this is not a sponsored post nor did I get sent any of these items. This was just a really good haul so I wanted to share it with you! The most asked question I received was… it worth it? My answer is 100% yes. For $113, I was able to buy nine items. Below, I have a picture with each item styled, my sizing, the price and my overall thoughts on each piece. I purchased everything on February 6 and received everything on the 11th. I would of had it by the 10th but the package needed to be signed for. Since it is shipped with DHL, you can actually sign online so I now know for future purchases. Feel free to send me any of your questions and I will gladly try to answer them!


Dalmatian Elastic Waist A-Line Skirt

I was very impressed with the overall quality of this skirt. I ordered a small and it was true to size. It does have a zipper so it is easy to get on and off and the material is thick so it is not see-through. I found a similar one at Forever21 for double the price and the quality was just as good as this one!

Contrast Puff Sleeve Frill Trim Square Neck Top

This top is my favorite item from the haul! The puff balloon sleeve trend is going to be in full force over the next couple of months. Since it is becoming so popular some stores have them for over $50!! I prefer not to spend a lot of money on trendy items because usually they go out of style at some point. This top is really good quality and even washes up well! I ordered a small and it is true to size.


Waterfall Collar Solid Longline Coat

I wanted a long coat like this to travel to Savannah in but they were all over $100. After reading the reviews, I decided to go for it and I am so glad that I did. The overall quality is great for the price but it isn’t something that will last forever but I am okay with that. I ordered a size small and it is true to size. I did wash it but I hung it to dry.


Button Front Leopard Smock Dress

Again, this dress is very good quality and the material is not see-through. I ordered a small because of the length but could of definitely fit into an extra small pending how long it would fall. It washed up well but I again hung it to dry. I do not recommend drying in a dryer.


Notched Floral Print Smock Dress

I wasn’t that big of a fan of the print but it is slowly growing on me. The quality is okay to wear a few times but I don’t think this is something that would last you years. Again, hang to dry. I ordered a size small and it is true to size.


Ditsy Floral Shirred Cami Dress

I really wanted to like this but this but this was my least favorite.I just don’t like how the top part fits and I am not the biggest fan of the print. It is good quality but I don’t recommend.


Cheetah Print Shirred Bodice Knotted Cami Dress

This dress is another favorite. The material is thick and the overall fit is just great. I like the stars but I recommend having someone help you because I was on the struggle bus lol! I highly recommend this dress! I am wearing a size small and it is true to size.


Snakeskin Lace-Up Back Top With High Waist Bikini

I have tried swimsuits off of Zaful before so I figured that this would be very similar but this swimsuit is a 10/10 for me unlike the ones from Zaful. I was very impressed with the overall quality and the fit in general. I am definitely going to be purchasing more! Since they are high waisted bottoms, I ordered a small so it sucked me in a little. The bottoms are not very cheeky but the fit would depend on the style of swimsuit you choose. This one is by far one of my favorite suits that I own!