Hi Babes! I am back at it with another quarantine project. I actually bought this journal last year but just never got around to using it until now. Although, I have been a little miserable being stuck at home and not being able to see my boyfriend, I have had plenty of time to catch up on all of my TV shows, binge all of the Netflix I want and work on all of the crafts that I have had planned for over a year. That being said, I absolutely love traveling. I blame my parents because they took me to the beach when I was only six weeks old and ever since, I have had the travel bug. I grew up going to Florida multiple times a year because my mom worked for an airline. Looking back, I always say how great of a childhood that I had. I used to have so many journals and pictures but they got lost over the years so that is when I had the idea to create one of these. I bought mine at Michael’s for less than $10. I plan on using this until it is filled and then I will buy a new one to start. I think it will not only be cool to look back on but also would be fun to show my kids one day. I have even added in personal pages such as big accomplishments that I have had, one being a collaboration with Lumaze, another with Getaway. I bought a bunch of stickers to use and double sided tape for tickets, papers, etc. As for the photos, my boyfriend bought me a HP Sprocket last year for my birthday so I have really been getting the use out of it with this project as you can tell. In the back, it came with a mini folder insert so that is where I put like plane tickets, concert tickets, hockey game tickets and such. I cant wait to see what it will be filled with in the next couple of years! If you end up making one tag me on Instagram!