My Endometriosis Surgery + Recovery


I wanted to make a post about my surgery experience to hopefully help some other women that suffer from the same thing that I do, endometriosis. For the past 10+ years, I have been suffering from severe stomach problems and nightmarish periods. I got my period around 13-14 years old and have always had the worst cycles. The cramps were excruciating and because of that, I was put on birth control when I was around 15 years old. At one point, my gynecologist had even prescribed me pain pills to help relieve some of the pain. Fast forward to 2011/2012 I ended getting diagnosed with severe IBS which resulted in many many tests and two surgeries. The past couple of years I just lived with my symptoms. I was over the doctor appointments and all of the tests and scans. At this point, I just chalked everything up as a loss. I would just have to miss work whenever things got bad. I was still on birth control but only getting my period every three months because I would skip the last row. It helped a little bit but once my period would come, it would be hell on earth. That is when I decided to go back to my gynecologist and figure something else out. I wasn’t sure if it was just my IBS getting bad and causing the problems or something more severe. My mom ended up coming with me and said how she had endometriosis and thought I did too. The more people I talked to in my family, a lot of them also had it. Since it can be hereditary we decided to meet with the surgeon and that’s when we scheduled the date  for an exploratory surgery. My surgery was on Mach 28, 2019 at a local hospital. I ended up being in surgery a lot longer then anticipated because my endo was so bad which had my surgeon in complete shock. She thinks that I started having it when I first got my period. In other words, it was essentially growing for over 10 years. The recovery was extremely painful so I am so happy that the surgery was worth it. Something that I found so weird afterwards is that March actually is Endometriosis Awareness Month and my surgery fell right at the end of it, almost like it was meant to be haha! As for future plans, we decided to get me on a birth control pill where I will consistently skip the last row (sugar pills) until I want to start trying to have kids. By doing so, it will stop my cycles all together. Unfortunately with having endometriosis, having children can be difficult to do on my own so I may have to do IVF. As bad as that sucks, I am just trying to stay positive. At the end of the day, it will all work out. If you also suffer from endo feel free to message me or comment below!





H&M Easter Dress


Outfit Details: H&M Dress | Shein Purse | Target Shoes | Forever 21 Hat

Since Easter is this weekend, I wanted to share some of my favorite spring dresses including the one that I am wearing above. I love all of the spring colors and patterns that many stores are carrying this year so when I saw this dress I definitely needed it! My favorite stores that I like to buy dresses from are Francesca’s and Nordstrom. I am starting to add high end staples to my closet and dresses are the perfect thing to splurge on because you can dress them up or down. I am starting to add some into my wardrobe for attending baby showers and weddings. Now that I am getting older, I am getting invited to more and more weddings and having a dress on lock is a big relief!






Francesca’s Polka Dot Dress

Outfit Details: Target Dress | Gucci Belt | Vince Camuto Boots | Target Hat

Yall it is finally Friday! The weather today has been so gorgeous. I love when it is not too cold but also not too hot. The perfect amount of both! I have so many cute outfits planned for spring, I am just waiting for some free time to take some pictures! Can we take a moment and talk about how amazing Francesca’s is? I have recently purchased so many cute dresses on the clearance rack for less than $30! I saw this one on the rack and after trying it on, I fell in love. The wrap detail is my absolute favorite! I paired it with a black hat from Target, booties from Nordstrom, and my favorite GG belt from Amazon.





Target Overall Dress

Outfit Details: Target Overall Dress // Target Hat

Happy Friday! I honestly would have to say October is one of my favorite months. I love how the weather is starting to cool down and the haunted houses are now starting to open. Not to mention I feel like the clothes are so much more stylish and trendy in the fall! The next two weekends I am basically busy every day. I guess in a way that is a good thing but grandma over here likes her chill days, lol. Tomorrow, I am finally going to Top Golf for the first time since it has opened. I heard really good things so I am excited to try it out! Then Sunday I have a bridal shower and hopefully will have some time to carve pumpkins. Next weekend my entire family is going to Deep Creek. That’s over 20 people. Kids and all. I can’t wait! So basically the next two weeks will be filled with lots of beer, bonfires, and fall festivities!


At Home Teeth Whitening Kit | Smile Brilliant Collaboration

Social media has become so popular these days that I feel like people constantly are comparing themselves to others. From plastic surgery to lip injections people have never been so invested in how they look. I have always struggled with my appearance whether it was my skin or my teeth. I had braces in middle school which then resulted in me having stained teeth. I tried so many different types of teeth whitening products from the Crest Whitestripes, getting them professionally whitened, and even getting them done by my dentist. Some worked, while others did not but all of them had caused major sensitivity. It also does not help that I am a religious coffee and tea drinker.

 I go to the dentist regularly, brush my teeth twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash but my teeth still show signs of aging. And that is where Smile Brilliant comes into play. The cold hard truth is that my teeth are stained and I can’t afford to constantly get them whitened professionally. Smile Brilliant is an innovative at home whitening system that has worked wonders for my teeth leaving little to no sensitivity. Not to mention it’s not outrageously expensive like other teeth whiting options.

Getting Smile Brilliant is beyond easy and only takes a minute or two to order. This isn’t a kit that can be bought at the drugstore but rather through their website. They even provide tracking so you know exactly when your kit will arrive. Talk about a good mail day!


After receiving your box you get a list of things including your base and catalyst to make your impressions, a prepaid envelope to send your molds in, and your whiting and desenisitzing gel. It also comes with step by step instructions which make things super easy!


When creating your custom trays all you have to do is mix the two pastes together, place it in the trays and keep it in your mouth until it hardens. The instructions explain the process step by step so it is VERY important to follow them religiously to get good molds. When finished you put your trays into the envelope, fill out the shipping card, and then drop it in the mail box.


After only waiting a few days my custom whitening trays arrived in the mail and I immediately went to test them out. It is a very simple process and the trays fit comfortably in my mouth. They are not made out of hard plastic material but rather a light – soft material that is comfortable to keep in your mouth for a long period of time. To get started you simply take the cap off of the whiting gel, put a little around the edges, (the whitening instructions explain step by step) and leave them in for around an hour. At first my teeth got pretty sensitive which is expected but I just used the desensitizing gel which then soothed my teeth and gums. I originally only whitened around twice a week and then switched to every other day.



Smile Brilliant offers multiple different packages so you can really customize what you want. They also make it super easy with little to no hassle to order. Your trays can last multiple uses so when you’re whitening runs out you don’t have to order all new trays but rather just new whitening gel and desensitizing gel.

As for my results, I am incredibly happy with them. You can get multiple uses with each tube of gel so I was able to essentially whiten my teeth 12 times. I will never use another whitening kit again. I can finally smile confidently and not have to worry about people looking at my teeth. I also limited the amount of coffee and tea which has helped keep them white longer. With honest results, I 100% recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone looking for a whitening kit. You can see for yourself below!

*Both pictures are unedited*


Enter my giveaway below to get a chance to win a $149 Smile Brilliant credit which is the value of their T3 Sensitive System! You can also order your kit now by visiting Smile Brilliant  and using my code “withlovefromjordyn15” for 15% off your order. I promise that you will love this teeth whiting company just as much as me!


**This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. Some links included in this post are affiliate links**



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Palm Leaf Jumpsuit + Coffee Shop

Outfit Details: Forever 21 Jumpsuit // Target Sandals // Louis Vuitton Purse

This past weekend I went to my camp with my parents and grandma. We ended up taking off Friday so we all went down in the morning. Unfortunately, it rained all day so us girls went to Bridgeport, WV to do some shopping. We first stopped at a cute little bakery called Almost Heaven Desserts. This was the second time visiting and I once again was not disappointed. I ended up getting an iced coffee, acai bowl, carrot cake, and some cookies. It was all literally amazing. After the bakery we headed next door to a cute little monogram shop called About You Monograms. Yall, this was the CUTEST southern styled shop ever. Not only were the workers super nice but so was all of their stuff. They carried so many things such as monogrammed jewelry, bags, totes, clothes, housewear, baby stuff, etc. You name it, they had it. They also had really cute regular jewelry and accessories. I left with an adorable little purse, a bracelet, necklace, and a pineapple J key chain. After we were done shopping we headed back to camp for dinner and a bonfire.


On Saturday morning, my Dad made us all breakfast and then we headed out onto the boat. We stayed out for about five hours before going back to eat dinner and have another fire. Sunday morning we just woke up around nine and headed back home. Small weekend getaways are seriously my all time fav! As for this jumpsuit I can thank my boyfriend. He ended up buying it for me when he went on vacation out west. I can’t even lie, he did a damn good job with this one. Unfortunately, I can’t link this exact jumpsuit for obvious reasons but I did link some similar ones down below. I hope you all have a great week!