Copy of Copy of My Current Skincare Routine(10)

Another day, another Goodwill haul. This time around, I took my time and actually debated on my purchases instead of just throwing stuff in my cart, lol! The total of this haul came to $36.40. I did buy some other little things but only wanted to include the clothes in this post.

Topshop Orange Turtleneck

Madewell Tee


J.Crew Stripped Tee


Target Smokey Beer Crew

Topshop Cropped Button Down

American Eagle Ribbed Tee

Vintage Pirates Tee (Cropped Top DIY)



Copy of Copy of My Current Skincare Routine(10)

I have recently been completely and utterly obsessed with going to Goodwill to the point where I think I go at least once a week haha! For the most part, I find amazing things that are priced very reasonably but there is times that I walk out with empty handed. That being said, the past two weeks I have found an endless amount of pieces that I am in love with. Since I have received so many messages and questions and now that this has become a hobby of mine, I wanted to start sharing my finds with y’all. I am planning on doing one Goodwill post a month if everything goes as planned. I am also going to by diving into the home department as well so I will be sharing all of the things from accessories, clothes and home decor. I will be selling some of my finds on Poshmark so if you would be interested in a certain item feel free to send me an email. Lastly, most of these outfits are linked on my like to know it so if you have questions about any look, I suggest checking that out first!

Express Suede Tank


Pittsburgh Penguins Tee

American Eagle Tee

Vintage Hockey Crew

Tie Dye Band Tee


Hollister Flannel

Loft Blouse

Eddie Bauer Henley & Lucky Brand Vest

John Galt Cropped Tank

Hollister Lace Tank

Zara Long Sleeve Top