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Plot twist, I am now single and back home living with my parents and kitties. LOL.

I feel so weird writing this because I was just sharing wedding content but that is the main reason I wanted to make this post. Without getting into major details, I moved back home with my parents about two weeks ago and am no longer getting married.

The whole situation has sucked and it is best simply explained as “sad”. Sometimes you can love someone so much you ignore red flags and gut feelings and that is exactly what happened. It is just really unfortunate when two people can’t make things work and when you have a wedding planned it adds more unneeded stress onto the relationship. Over the past two weeks, I have had a lot of time to look back and reflect on the past 4+ years and I think I fell in love with the thought of someone who ended up not being that person. And as much as it sucks to admit, shit happens and sometimes things just are not meant to be.

That being said, I can honestly say that there will always be love in my heart for him and our relationship but being in somewhat of a toxic situation, I simply lost myself trying to fix something that couldn’t be fixed. For years, I fought for something that just wasn’t there. So now that I have had time to really reflect, I am so incredibly proud of myself for walking away and leaving a situation that was no longer meant for me. Although it still hurts like hell and I have good days and bad days, I am so excited for my future and excited to find myself again. It is so nice to wake up with no stress or anxiety worrying about someone else anymore and I can already tell that my future is so bright and I am so excited to take you all along with me.

“Bad chapters can still create great stories. Wrong paths can lead to right places. Failed dreams can still create successful people. And sometimes it takes losing yourself to find yourself.”

I know I didn’t have to get on here and write about something so personal, but I share so much of my life and if I can help just even one person realize they deserve better and that walking away is possible, I am doing it right.

Excited to share my next chapter with you all! Happy weekend!

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