When it comes to planners and notebooks, you can say I have a little bit of an addiction. Ever since I was a little kid, I was always into journaling and organizing. I feel like it has become such a popular thing especially with social media these days. Lovet Planners reached out to me about collaborating and after checking out their website, it was an easy yes.

If you are not familiar with Lovet Planners, they sell planner kits, planners and notebooks. They are female founded and are all made in the United States. I even read that their Founder and Ambassadors test out the products before they become available for purchase (something I found pretty cool)!

When you first open the self care planner, I love that they have a few pages of self care ideas. If you are ever struggling to do something for yourself, check out this section, it has ideas from reconnecting with an old friend to leaving quarters at the laundromat. They also have a section where you can right your own self care ideas which I love too.

Then we start getting to the planner part after the self care ideas section. First, they have a section called “month at a glance” which is where you will fill out the month, year, mantra, and gratitude. The next page is called “self compliments” which is where you fill out weekly compliments for yourself that you can refer back to if you need a boost. The last section is called “one thing a day” which is a monthly spread where you can fill out the calendar with one self practice that you want to complete each day. You have 12 months worth of sections so it can really be life changing if you use this planner all year round!

Some other things that Lovet sells is a vision board planner, manifesting journal, positive thinking journal, habit tracker notebook and many more! Check them out here!

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