Happy New Year Y’all! I can’t believe another year has come and gone. I am so ready to see what 2022 brings though, there is going to be so many changes and I am very excited about them all. This holiday season, I tried to really soak it all in since it was my last Christmas living at home. That is if our house is actually done by winter lol! Hard to believe we were supposed to be moved in last August!

This year, I mainly got a lot of gifts for the house but here are some of the things that I had on my list and received! I always love seeing what people get and I honestly love all of these items so I wanted to share!

Lululemon Align Cropped Tank

Crate and Barrel Stevey Metallic Pitcher by Leanne Ford

Crate and Barrel Bodum Bistro Mug

Aerie Seamless Padded Bralette

Aerie Waffle Jogger

Cozy White Cottage Seasons – by Liz Marie Galvan (Hardcover)

Cozy White Cottage – by Liz Marie Galvan (Hardcover)

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