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Happy Weekend! Last Saturday, I finally got around to going downtown into Pittsburgh to hit up the Neighborhood Flea. If you are not familiar, it is located down in The Strip District. It was the last flea market of the year, so there were a lot of vendors which was nice to see. I ended up getting so many cute things! We parked about a block away in a lot for $5 but I believe they have a parking lot closed off for visitors right by the flea. They also had a lot of cool food trucks but since we got there so early, we ended up just getting a coffee at Coop De Ville. Which was so yummy!

I have yet to visit Coop De Ville for dinner but seeing their coffee window was so unique. I went to Hot Haute Hot after the flea market and talked to a few of their employees who said that they used some of their pieces in the restaurant so I am so excited to go and check it out!

The Flea:

Silver Cup with Floral

Crock with Floral

Floral Picture


Crock with Handle

Bingo Cards

Two Glass Candle Holders (Not Pictured)

Hot Haute Hot:

Wicker Baskets

Black Candle Holder

Wooden Bowl

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