Typically, when going to the beach, we would stay in a rented house but ever since I was a little kid we stayed at a motel when going to St. Pete. It was obviously budget friendly but so much more convenient being right on the beach with a pool and all on one floor. That motel is called Longkey but this trip we stayed next door since Longkey was booked. The motel was called Palm Crest and it was SO nice so I will definitely be going back! It was extremely reasonable and SO clean which to me is a huge deal. So I couldn’t recommend more!

We flew in on Monday night and by the time we got our bags and rental car it was about 9:30pm so we just grabbed fast food and went to the hotel. I was exhausted so as soon as I ate, I passed out. On Tuesday, we woke up and went to get coffee at Grove Surf + Coffee as well as Starbucks then ordered takeout from IHOP. Once we got back to the hotel and ate then hung out by the pool and beach until dinner. For dinner, we went to Crabby Bills where I got the best crab legs! Seriously, so good! Unfortunately, Wednesday was full of rain so we decided to make that our shopping day. For breakfast, we went to a really cute French restaurant called La Croisette. I ordered simple and just had toast and eggs (sourdough was amazing btw) but my family ordered actual meals and they all said it was superb! After that we went to John’s Pass to go shopping. John’s Pass basically has a huge section of shops and restaurants. Kind of like a boardwalk but more mall like. I found some really cute stuff there so if you’re ever in the area, I couldn’t recommend more! For dinner, we went to Leverock’s Great Seafood. They have the best clam chowder, ever! On Thursday, it ended up being nice again so we hung out on the beach all day. For lunch, we ordered Odis Mediterranean. Their Turkey avocado wrap is bomb! Then we went to Crabby Bills again for dinner. Yes, I ordered more crab legs lol! Lastly, on Friday, we relaxed all day until our flight home. We ordered Odis for lunch because it was so good! So as you can see, we found favorites and stuck with them. Pretty much every morning we went to Grove Surf + Coffee because their matcha latte was the best ever. They also have a cute boutique which is where I spent most of my money so I’d stop in if that is your thing!

Crabby Bill’s Seafood

La Croisette

Grove Surf + Coffee

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