It is so hard to believe that today I turned 27. I remember writing my 26th birthday post last year and it honestly feels just like yesterday. Thankfully this year, things look a little different with the Covid regulations being lifted. I took the day off to go and get a blowout at Drybar and grab some lunch with my mom. I am just looking forward to relaxing and not having to stress about work for once lol!

Every year, I do a post with that number of things about me meaning if I was turning 25 it would be 25 things about me, 26 would be 26 things about me so on and so fourth. This year, I wanted to change things up and write 27 things that I am grateful for and enjoyed over the past year.

  1. First and foremost, I am so unbelievably grateful for my family. Especially after this past year.

2. My boyfriend because he is my bff.

3. My two pups. They have made working from home so much fun.

4. Working from home. So grateful for that because of my IBS.

5. Good health, for the most part, lol.

6. My friends. This year, I really was able to see who my true friends are.

7. Being able to have the time and creativity to blog and work on social media.

8. Having food in the fridge that is healthy.

9. Having a roof over my head.

10. Being able to afford my car and all of its gas.

11. My cell phone.

12. My computer.

13. The free time to read. I have been loving my kindle especially all of last summer.

14. Getting close and building a better relationship with my cousin Nikki.

15. Having camp with some of my family.

16. My relationship with my grandma.

17. Chipotle. Can’t believe I just tried it a few months ago.

18. My designer purse collection because I bought them all myself.

19. My education. My first year after graduating college is complete.

20. Moving out with Tom. I am SO ready for this new chapter.

21. My faith and relationship with God.

22. Growing my nails. I finally stopped biting them. Hard habit to break!

23. My hair girl Amber, she always makes me feel like a damn goddess. Check her out @uncommonloft_amber.

24. My Instagram followers, we made it to 10k babes!

25. My travels to Savannah and Florida. So much fun.

26. One of my favorite memories in Savannah was when my mom and I went to dinner at The Old Pink House. So yum!

27. Another favorite memory was when I went to the lake in the summer and we all had a cookout with the family. I love spending time with all of them. It is like time stops down there.

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