A few months ago, I came across this brand called Blinkifly from blogger Kennedy Frazer. I love following her and really trust her recommendations so I quickly made an order and purchased three boxes of lashes. I had no idea what to expect especially since you apply them below your actual lashes instead of on top like typical lash strips. I quickly received my order in the mail and after messing with them a few times, I literally wear them weekly. It became such a favorite product of mine, I had to share them with y’all! I received so many messages on Instagram regarding them, I wanted to make a blog post with all of my tips and tricks as well as info about the brand for y’all to refer back to.

I asked a question box on Instagram and took those questions as well as the questions I received in messages and added them below.

Are they hard to apply?

My tip is to go buy cheap lashes and glue at the drugstore, cut them into three sections and practice with those. Once you seem to get the hang of it, then move to the Blinkifly lashes. That is what I did and it did wonders. It works better because you won’t ruin the actual lashes from practicing with cheaper ones.

How long do they last?

Per their website, most last 5 days but they have had customers reach 8-9 days. I personally wear them for 4-5 days then take them off to let my lashes breathe.

Do you have to use a special glue?

Yes, they sell the glue on their website here.

Does the glue burn if it ends up in your eyes?

Yes, it isn’t anything bad. I only had it happen twice but again, the more practice, you have less of a chance getting the glue in your eye.

How do you apply them?

I apply from the outside of my eye in. I put glue on the lash, let it sit for about a minute then hold my eyelid a little to lift up my natural lashes in order to put the false lash on. They have a lot of tutorials on their Instagram if you need a video.

What are they made from?

They are made from Korean PBT faux.

What is the glue made from?

On their website it states it is made of Latex, Acrylpolymer and Perfume.

Does the glue irritate your eyes?

It does not and I have extremely sensitive eyes which is why I stopped getting lash extensions. I have had no issues.

How do I take the lashes off?

I take them off with makeup remover, specifically the Farmacy cleansing balm. But you could use any oil based makeup remover. DO NOT PULL.

How much do they cost?

The glue is $5.99 and the lashes are $19.99 for a pack of 3.

How much glue do you put on?

I started with only a little bit and they were not staying on long. I then realized you have to put a decent amount of glue on the lash so refer to the picture above.

Can I get them wet?

After 24 hours, you can get them wet but it is recommended to try to keep them dry to last longer.

Are they cruelty free?

Yes, as well as vegan.

What is your favorite style?

I have tried the natural, classic and darling. The darling ones are my favorite!

Can you only use the lashes once?

No, you can reuse them by gently using alcohol to take off the glue. I dip a Q-tip in the alcohol and gently rub off the glue.

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