This past Friday, I went to dinner with my parents and neighbors to V&V a local restaurant in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. It was absolutely amazing, I just had to share. It was so cool because we had so many courses allowing you to try foods you typically wouldn’t eat all at once. I tried scallops, caviar and walleye for the first time and I was shocked how good they were!

It is BYOB so when we first got there, we had our wine bottles opened and a basket of fresh bed on the table. The first course was Red Pepper & Fennel Demitasse which was like a red pepper soup. It sounded not very appealing, but it was SO good.

The second course was Maine Lobster Spring Salad which again was amazing. Everything was so fresh and the dressing was to die for along with the lumps of lobster. Then we had a Pan Seared Scallop with American Sturgeon Caviar. This was the first time trying scallops and I am so mad it took me 27 years to try! It was a 10/10 for me.

After the scallop, we had Great Lakes Walleye with a homemade pierogi. Again, first time eating Walleye and it was delicious. To rejuvenate our palette, we then had House Spun Sorbet. IT WAS AMAZING.

We then had Elysian Fields Lamb Tagliatelle and Santa Carota Hanger Steak. I am not a big lamb person so I did not really eat much although the noodles were very good, I gave it to my mom. The steak was really really yummy though!

Lastly, we had macaroons and chocolate cake for dessert. I was beyond impressed with the overall experience. It was roughly $100 a person but in my opinion, worth every penny. If you are looking for a special date night or evening out with family or friends, this would be something very fun to do.

V&V Scratch Kitchen

6108 Brownsville Road Ext #203

Finleyville, PA 15332

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