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When it comes to gifting, I like to get really creative and hand make the gift. I have made a few of these over the years and they have always been such a hit. Honestly, it is pretty cheap and easy too so it is a win-win.

  • Wooden Crate (Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels)
  • I used my Cricut for the name decals but you can buy them on Etsy or use stickers sheets if you don’t have one
  • Wooden animals I bought at Michaels (Hobby Lobby and Target have them too)
  • Mod Podge to paint over the letters so they stay on

I bought the stuffed animals at TJ Maxx both for under $10. You could even add other baby items but I wanted to use the stuffed animals to give a visual of what the crate can be used for!

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