What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a marketplace for new or used items for women, men, kids, and home. Per their website, they have 70 million registered users and 200+ million items for sale. They have one sale every second in the US! A fact that I thought was really interesting.

Why I use Poshmark over other marketplace apps?

I have been a user since 2015 and have obviously tried many other apps. For me personally, Poshmark has just been way easier to navigate and it is the app I have the most success on. It is pretty much self explanatory and although they do take a portion of each sale, I take that into consideration when pricing my items, making it no issue.

How do you trust sellers?

I have purchased numerous items from other sellers and have never had a problem. On each profile, they have an about page that shows all of the sellers info from how long they have been selling to how long they take to ship as well as love notes which are basically reviews. Sometimes sellers can have a discount on their page where if you buy X amount of items, they’ll give you X amount off. Poshmark also allows you three days to file a complaint after receiving your item. Complaints can range from wrong items to poorly described items. That is why it is always best to be truthful and honest. Fully disclose all of the items flaws! For my designer gals, any item over $500 will get sent to their Poshmark HQ where they will authenticate each item prior to sending it to you.

My Poshmark Stats

I have been a member since October 1, 2015, have over 69,700 followers and have earned over $30,700.

How did I make so much money?

It’s no secret that I like to shop so I tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and then refresh my closet by selling pieces on the app. I also will buy designer pieces and flip them after using them. It’s all about investments. A lot of things I get on sale or cheap and flip for more money whenever I’m finished using them. And I also have a shopping problem. Oops. I used to always take stuff to Clothes Mentor and Platos Closet getting pennies, so I am fine with at least making more money this way.

What is a Poshmark ambassador?

My Poshmark Tips & Tricks

1. Don’t price something that should be $5 for $100 when you know it’s not in mint condition.

2. If you can buy it at the store brand new for $50, don’t expect to sell something used for the same price.

3. If you sell items with tags whether they are attached or not, you have a better chance to get more money for your item.

4. If you’re consistent with posting, you will get noticed more resulting in more sales.

5. Post and price things as if you would buy them again for yourself. If you wouldn’t pay for it, chances are neither will someone else.

6. I have noticed brands such as Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Vera Bradley sale for way less than retail price. I would say you would be lucky to get 20% of what you paid and the reason for that is because they are in stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Keep that in mind when pricing.

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