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Christmas looked much different this year than usual because of Covid. We unfortunately did not celebrate with my Dads side of the family since there are so many of us. I did thankfully get to celebrate with my Moms side though which made me appreciate things so much more. Covid has really put things into perspective for me and I am so mad at myself that it took a global pandemic for me to realize but nonetheless, I did. As for the gifts I received, I truly would of been just as happy without them but I enjoy seeing what others received so I wanted to share some of mine. I mainly asked for house items for when I move out because lets face it, I would rather spend my money on other things that aren’t bowls and cups haha!

Santal Essential Oil | Capri Blue Volcano Diffuser Oil

Vintage Sewing Kit | My aunt always comes up with the best gifts and she knows how much I love vintage pieces so she found this from the 1900s (I think) and refurnished it. I can’t wait to display it in my future home!

Aerie Sherpa Vest | American Eagle Thermal

Pittsburgh Penguins Top

American Eagle Thermal Top

American Eagle White Blouse

Urban Outfitters Sublime T-Shirt Dress

12th Tribe Sweater Dress

Mug Tree Mug Rack

Gucci Inspired Headband

Aerie Waffle Pajama Legging

Hearth & Hand Pieces

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