Where to begin? I had previously written a blog post about my experience in real time but wanted to make a new post about my entire experience from start to finish. And I say finish because I no longer have an IUD.

What is an IUD?

An IUD (intrauterine device) is a form of birth control that is placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is a t-shaped plastic roughly the size of a quarter. There are three types of IUDs that use the hormone progestin which include Mirena, Skyla, and Litetta.

Why I chose the Mirena IUD?

I have had a lot of health problems over the years, one being endometriosis. I had a surgery back in March of 2019 where they went in laparoscopically and removed 89% of my endometriosis. After my surgery, my gynecologists’ and I decided on stopping the pill and trying out an IUD to help stop my period all together. When having endo, they do not want you to bleed because it results in having the tissue grow back.

The First Day of IUD Interstation

It was an extremely miserable process. There is no sugar coating here. It was not as bad as I expected though. Prior to my appointment, they recommended taking an Ibuprofen an hour prior which I did not do until I was on my way (I suck and forgot) lol. When I got there I had to take a pregnancy test, considering I haven’t had a period in months. As expected, that came back negative so I was good to go for the procedure. I was super nervous but my gynecologist was super helpful by telling me step by step on what she was doing. Considering I am no doctor, I will skip all of the “medical talk” and briefly tell you what she did in my own words. So as always, this is my opinion and please make sure to always ask your doctor if you have any questions. For starters, I had to undress from the waist down, then she cleaned the area with iodine to make sure I did not end up with an infection. After she inserted the speculum, she started to measure my cervix which is when I started feeling a lot of cramping. After she had me cough, she began inserting the IUD which took only a few seconds. I was already cramping so bad that I really didn’t even feel it go in. Most girls say they feel a pinch, fortunately I did not. After that was all done and she took out the speculum, I was in a lot of pain, cramping wise. I got a little nauseous afterwards so I laid down for a few minutes until heading home. I highly recommend having someone drive you. There was NO WAY I would of been able to do it alone. Once I got home, I had my heating pad on and a bottle of Motrin in reach. When laying down, my cramps were not as bad but as soon as I would stand up, I was in a lot of pain.

Day Four

I was still very miserable. I definitely recommend scheduling this procedure on a Thursday and taking off of work on Friday. That way you have a good couple of days to relax and recover. This may have been more painful because I have IBS but I remember how brutal this all was and its been a while since having it done lol. I didn’t really bleed at the beginning but at day four, I was full blown on my period. Which wasn’t fun after not having it for months. My heating pad was my best friend at this point. Two days after my procedure, I had a blogger event so I drove an hour away for an event that was six hours long. My doctor did say to take an easy but I needed to go and luckily survived but the following day was horrid. So definitely don’t do what I did and take an easy.

Month Three Update

At this point, I loved my IUD. I was so mad I didn’t do it sooner. I had no more periods, not even spotting and it was SO nice not having to remember taking a pill. I went for a check up to make sure everything was good and although I have minor cramping every once in a while, my gyno said it should all be gone by month six.

Month Eight Update

Well, get ready for a major buzzkill. By month eight, I was MISERABLE, again. I had no pain or periods but I was breaking out like crazy and my hormones were all over the place. I had never had such bad acne since I was in high school and I mean like all over my chin and neck and as well as my back. I just did not feel myself and my emotions were unlike ever before. So around November I went back to my gyno and got it removed. It was a much easier process and I only bled for a week or so and got back on the pill. It is now the end of December a couple months after getting it out and I am finally starting to get back to normal. My acne is almost cleared up and gone and my hormones are about back to normal as well as my emotions lol.

For me, it just didn’t work out which was a bummer. But it may for you. If you are looking into getting an IUD, please consult with your doctor.

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