I have always loved staying up to date on current décor trends which is why I have SO many random décor pieces that don’t necessarily always match. For the last couple of years, my style has completely changed from what I used to like and stuck to a more modernized look. Unfortunately, I still live at home with my parents though so I am unable to really show my favorite styles but I promise, it will be coming soon. I am so excited to finally have a game plan on when I will be moving out. Until then, here is my updated bathroom décor with a Christmas touch. A lot of stuff is from Hobby Lobby and Home Goods so I am unable to link everything but I linked my favorites. Also, check out my Pinterest for all things from décor to my favorite recipes. I update it weekly!

SHOWER CURTAIN urban outfitters allover fruits shower curtain | BLACK BASKET hearth and hand wire storage basket | BOTTLES amazon amber glass pump bottles


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