I have received so many messages about this hair dry that I wanted to make an in depth post with my honest review so it would answer all of your questions. I finally bought this back in September after seeing it all over Instagram. Sometimes with bloggers, you have to watch what is posted because they get paid to review products. I would like to think that most women wouldn’t lie but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

I purchased this on Amazon for around $50 and I can honestly say, I got my money’s worth. I pretty much use this every other day after washing my hair. I have heard to not use it right away to dry your hair because it can burn it since it gets so hot. Some have even said to be careful on how many times you use it because there is no way to lower the temperature. I personally have yet to run into an issue using it weekly, I just simply let my hair air dry for a couple of minutes before using it. I also use this Redken blow dry spray which not only helps speed up the drying process but it also acts as a heat protectant.

Here is a before and after picture from using it to dry my hair. Whenever I use a regular blow dryer, my hair is always frizzy but when using this as you can tell my hair drys pretty straight. Since I shower and wash my hair at night, I don’t style it because I am obviously going to bed but I do typically run my straightener through it in the morning.

Overall, this is one of my favorite hair tools mainly because it cuts my dry time nearly in half all while leaving my hair smooth, volumized and frizz free. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a new hair dryer.

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