This has been an on-going topic in my dms so I wanted to talk about it on here. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the most recent photo shoot that I did with a bunch of local girl bosses. A few people messaged me on how I was able to be apart of that as well as the shoot that I did a few months back. So I am here to talk about all things blog related from how I got started and how I got into networking. First and foremost, I am a very small blogger compared to other women but to me it is not about the number of followers or the likes I get on a picture. For me, it is all about helping others. I don’t need a paycheck. I don’t need to be insta famous and quit honestly, I don’t ever want to be. But one thing I do want, is for people to not only be inspired but to truly get something out of my posts. I want you to walk away with confidence and a smile and maybe some outfit inspo or a lifestyle tip + trick or most recently, a health and wellness remedy.

How I Got Started

I started blogging back in middle school when tumblr was a big thing. I never was serious about it but I did gain a significant amount of followers. Fashion has just always been a passion of mine, I was even planning on going to IUP for fashion merchandising prior to my health problems.  When Instagram became bigger and bigger, I then decided to make a website and start sharing my outfits on there. I started with just a free version of WordPress for a few years and then after realizing this was something I really wanted to dive into, I bought my current website.

How I Gained A Loyal Following

For starters, if you’re looking on starting a blog thinking you’re going to get a paycheck, try something else haha. Because that is more than likely not going to happen for a very LONG TIME. I have been blogging full time for over two years and have just recently began making money but it is not even close to something that I can live off of. As for my followers, I don’t really pay attention to the number, but I have recently been gaining a decent amount and all I can say is, it is because I am genuine and just post the things that I love. I used to always worry about what everyone else was doing and tried copying them and I hated myself for that and my content showed. You can tell when someone is not being true to themselves. If you’re not being yourself your followers will take note to that. You are your brand so remember to find your niche and run with it.

Networking in the Blogger World

As for networking, this past year has been my first time focusing on meeting other bloggers and getting my name out there. Oddly enough, I tend to be an introvert, but I have met so many AMAZING women from stepping out of my comfort zone. I did a blogger bash at The Lovliest in Sewickley a few months ago which is where I started realizing how important networking really was. It was a free event that had speakers, food, coffee, and all things pink. All of us girls got our hair done and it was just the best time. But I wasn’t going to go. I had just got my IUD put in not even 48 hours prior and if I am being honest I was petrified. I was going an hour away to a place I have never been to be in a room full of gorgeous women that I have never met. But guess what, I went and I had the best freaking time. Within minutes of walking in, I met two girls who are now both some of my fav blogger friends in Pittsburgh. Not only did I meet new friends but I networked and met so many amazing girl bosses and I was overall so inspired. In a room full of absolutely gorgeous boss babes not once did I feel out of place. I felt confident and just overall so thankful for the opportunity.  A few weeks after that event, Katherine the owner of the Loveliest, reached back out about a Galentines/Bridal shoot that her and a few other girl bosses were putting together. If I would of never went to the prior event, I would of never had the opportunity. So of course I said yes and eight hours later, I drove home with a smile on my face because I once again, had the best time. I met more boss babes and even drove with one of the girls I met at the prior event hey Crystal hey! How funny is it that she literally lives not even five minutes from me. So shout out to Crystal from Crystal June Blog! As for the other boss babes…I met the photographer who was so sweet and who is truly a gem in the photography world, Molly. Check her website out here. I met the planner + florist Hannah from Sip and Celebrate who absolutely KILLED it. I highly recommend her if you are local. Amanda who was my makeup artist from Glam to Go … I have never had my makeup done before because I actually was a freelance makeup artist for four years so I was always the one doing the makeup but even through my fidgeting she nailed it. And lastly, Kat who did our hair from Lavender Loft Hair Studio. As you can tell from the pictures, she is a hair fairy! Everyone was so incredibly nice. I shot with three other bloggers, Crystal, Anna from  who is the absolute sweetest ( I briefly met her at the blogger bash) and I met another local blogger babe Leilani from The Cole Journal who was also super sweet. So basically what I am trying to say is get out of your comfort zone and do your thing. Because deciding to go that day was the best thing I have ever done.


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