If you’re not familiar with Pretty Vulgar, they are a cruelty-free makeup brand sold at Sephora. I came across them a few years ago when they first came out and I immediately bought a few products. I never ended up sharing them so when I came across a variety of their products at TJ Maxx, I decided to buy them and test them out. I am starting to only use cruelty-free makeup so I will be reviewing a lot more in the near future.


Bronzed B Powder Bronzer | This is a matte bronzing powder that gives you a more natural finish. I have used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for years because it is so good but this works better if you’re looking for a more subtle look. 4/5

Under Cover Concealer | I typically use either the Nars concealer or Tarte shape tape so using a new one was really out of my comfort zone. That being said, I wasn’t all that impressed with this one. The coverage wasn’t the best and it also was pretty liquid. 3/5

Poisonous Pout Plumping Gloss | This gloss definitely made your lips tingle but I didn’t notice that much of a plump but the shades both went on well. It was a little sticky but nothing that was annoying like other glosses. 4/5

The Feathers Mascara | Not only is the packaging amazing but the overall product was pretty good too. I wear it to work all day and have no fall out or running. 5/5

Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara | Another really good mascara from Pretty Vulgar. I had no fall out or running. Not too mention the packaging is the cutest!

Early Bird Palette | The packaging is by far the best that I have ever seen. For me, I wear natural/light colors so this palette is perfect. The shadows do have a little bit of fallout but blend pretty well. 4/5

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this brand. Not only is their packaging amazing but they’re cruelty free which is such a big deal these days as it should be. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding this haul!


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