I am always so OCD when it comes to packing because I always feel like I am going to forget something and I just like to be organized overall. I typically make a list and check it twice. For this trip, I am flying out tomorrow night and not coming home until Sunday afternoon. I made sure to pack extra outfits since the weather will be between 60-70 degrees. I also packed extra pieces because I plan on taking pictures for my blog down there so you can definitely say I overpacked a little lol!



For my crossbody purse, I typically carry this stuff with me daily so not much changes with my purse. I have my wallet, lipgloss, chapstick, roller perfume, lipstick, lip liner, pills, a pen, lotion, essential oil inhalers, my usb and some gum. Again, these are just my daily essentials.



This is one of my dupe purchases from Amazon that I shared a few weeks back on Instagram. I absolutely love it and I am super impressed with the overall quality. It is on the smaller side but does open up and carry a lot making it the perfect carry on bag. I will link it here.


Since it is roughly just an hour flight, I am only packing the essentials. I am bringing my mini iPad, my kindle and my lululemon bag has my beats and all of my chargers.


I am checking a bag so because of that I put all of my jewelry that I plan on taking in this mini jewelry case just because I am a psycho and am afraid that it would get stolen if I checked it lol. I am bringing both of these glasses because the outfits I brought are either boho or edgy. The lemon kleenex are from the Target dollar spot and are perfect for on the go. With the coronavirus happening I also packed wet ones and hand sanitizer. Lastly, I am bringing my notebook and travel journal. I like to have my notebook for outlining books that I am currently reading and also to jot down anything that comes to mind. I am a notebook hoarder….Its okay, I’m okay.


I am always afraid of my luggage getting lost so I like to carry the important stuff with me on board. That means all of my skincare and makeup. My makeup isn’t pictured but most of my skincare/toiletries are! These are all my favs!

Here is the links for my Beis travel bag and a similar bag like my Daisy rose one Amazon toiletry bag


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