Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved drinking hot tea. Oddly enough, I was never a hot chocolate kind of gal. I also never relaxed, I was always on the go whether that was being involved with sports or going out with friends or family. Relaxing was never my thing. As I get older, I am really trying to work on that. Sometimes your body needs rest and you just need to take a step back from life and be a couch potato for a day. Now that I am working full time, I am starting to actually enjoy signing out from the real world and just hanging out on the couch binging Real Housewives. Since it is still winter here in Pittsburgh, I love getting out of the shower, throwing on my robe, and making a c hot cup of tea. I have tried so many different types of teas but these three are my top favorites. With having IBS, I have to watch what I put into my body and neither of these flare it up so I would say they’re safe for anyone with digestive problems. One thing I try to stay away from is peppermint tea because it always affects my acid reflex and it gives me heart burn. Adult probs.


Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea

This is one of my favorite hot teas. It taste so refreshing and in my opinion is best with a fresh squeezed lemon and a little bit of stevia. I usually drink it in the summer as it has a more fruity taste rather than a calming aroma. Two benefits to drinking lemon zinger is one being that it is packed with vitamin C and it can overall help you sleep better.

Chamomile Herbal Tea

I typically drink this tea when I am having a stomach ache or bad cramps. Drinking chamomile tea can overall be beneficial. It can lower blood sugar, reduce period cramps, reduce inflammation and it can help with sleep and relaxation. I usually put a drop of stevia or honey in my chamomile tea to add a little sweetness and drink it two hours before I plan on going to bed.

Tazo Earl Grey Tea

When I am go to a coffee shop and order hot tea I will usually order earl grey. It is really good with a little sugar. I call it my “socializing tea”. It is good for your teeth as it high levels of catechin. It improves digestion health, can give you energy and can help with relaxation.


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