Hi Babes! My creative juices have been flowing and I have so many good posts coming your way! I try to put aside a few minutes every night to read one or two of my favorite bloggers blog posts. It is oddly soothing for me and also helps give me some inspiration. I work so hard on each post so if you can take away one thing from reading, I am one happy gal.

DRESS shein smock dress | JACKET nordstrom denim jacket | SANDALS target cork bottom mules

For the first look, I paired this Shein dress with these cork bottom mules and my denim jacket. This look would work perfect for an evening dinner (if we are ever done with the whole social distancing thing, ugh). These sandals are super comfortable and easy to walk in so this could even make a cute outfit for work. Target has the best trendy shoes that don’t break the bank and are also great quality so I highly recommend checking their spring shoes out.

DRESS shein smock dress | JACKET nordstrom denim jacket | SANDALS steve madden karin sandals

For the second look, I paired this Shein dress with these tie sandals and my denim jacket. This would be cute to wear on a cooler evening out or even a lunch date with the girls! One thing that I love about this dress is that it can go with neutrals so it is easy to style it so you get a more casual look.


If you’re not familiar with Pretty Vulgar, they are a cruelty-free makeup brand sold at Sephora. I came across them a few years ago when they first came out and I immediately bought a few products. I never ended up sharing them so when I came across a variety of their products at TJ Maxx, I decided to buy them and test them out. I am starting to only use cruelty-free makeup so I will be reviewing a lot more in the near future.


Bronzed B Powder Bronzer | This is a matte bronzing powder that gives you a more natural finish. I have used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer for years because it is so good but this works better if you’re looking for a more subtle look. 4/5

Under Cover Concealer | I typically use either the Nars concealer or Tarte shape tape so using a new one was really out of my comfort zone. That being said, I wasn’t all that impressed with this one. The coverage wasn’t the best and it also was pretty liquid. 3/5

Poisonous Pout Plumping Gloss | This gloss definitely made your lips tingle but I didn’t notice that much of a plump but the shades both went on well. It was a little sticky but nothing that was annoying like other glosses. 4/5

The Feathers Mascara | Not only is the packaging amazing but the overall product was pretty good too. I wear it to work all day and have no fall out or running. 5/5

Faux Reals Extreme Volume Mascara | Another really good mascara from Pretty Vulgar. I had no fall out or running. Not too mention the packaging is the cutest!

Early Bird Palette | The packaging is by far the best that I have ever seen. For me, I wear natural/light colors so this palette is perfect. The shadows do have a little bit of fallout but blend pretty well. 4/5

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this brand. Not only is their packaging amazing but they’re cruelty free which is such a big deal these days as it should be. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding this haul!




If  you know me at all, you know how I am in love with Savannah. I have only been there three times but nonetheless it is by far my favorite place to travel to. Since the last time that I went in 2016, I have been non stop asking my mom to come with me again for a little girls trip. After finding cheap plane tickets, we finally made it down. Our flight was around 8pm so since I worked all day my mom just picked me up on the way to the airport around 5pm. Unfortunately, there was a lot of storms down south so our flight ended up getting delayed a little bit until around 8:40pm. We flew direct so it was a super easy and convenient flight only being about an hour and a half. We landed in Savannah around 10pm but by the time we got our luggage and rental car it was easily about 11pm. Oddly enough, our rental car ended up being a Jeep Wrangler where if you have been a follower for a while you know that I used to have one. I got rid of it about two years ago because it was ridiculously expensive with gas. But I always miss having it lol! So it was cool to at least have one for the weekend. Since we knew we were going to get in late, we booked a hotel near the airport so it was less stressful and just overall more convenient. We were starving but most places were closed so we grabbed some Wendy’s, checked in, showered and then went right to bed!


CREW target crew | JACKET free people denim jacket | JOGGERS three dots joggers| SHOES black old skool vans| GLASSES quay high key mini sunglasses| CROSSBODY gucci leather top handle bag| TOTE amazon tote| SUITCASE nordstrom beis suitcase

Friday morning, my mom and I woke up, got ready and went to go visit Worsmloe Historic Site. It was about a half of an hour away from our hotel so it wasn’t far at all. While on our way we stopped at Starbucks and I tried the new pineapple matcha drink…it was so so good!! Wormsloe was absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to go back! It would be the perfect spot to have a picnic or even take wedding pictures. I was kind of bummed though because we had to pay about $23 just to drive through it. So if you ever plan on visiting, plan to stay for a few hours so you can make it worth while.

Wormsloe Historic Site


After we took pictures and looked around we then went to Marabelle Cafe to grab a late breakfast. I went here last time and it once again did not disappoint. They have the absolute best authentic li├Ęge waffles! It is also super aesthetically pleasing and right across the street from the cathedral of St John the Baptist so you could stop there after like we did. I made sure to take a lot pictures because it was all so gorgeous. The weather even was nice unlike the days prior so it was nice to sit outside. The view did not disappoint.

Mirabelle Cafe


The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist


After eating and taking more pictures, I went shopping on Broughton street. Since parking was horrible, I ended up having my mom drop me off and I just ran to a few stores. If you plan on going here, definitely plan on spending a lot of money because it is so easy to do. It is basically a street with a bunch of popular stores from Victoria’s Secret to Urban Outfitters. I stopped at Chocolat by Adam Turoni, Fabrik, The Impeccable Pig, Spartina 449 and after my mom finally found a space we stopped at The Paris Market.

Streets of Savannah


Chocolat by Adam Turoni


The Paris Market


After shopping was complete, we finally went to go check into our hotel. We stayed at The Hampton Inn off of E Bay St. It was the prefect location in my opinion because it was right across the street from River Street. One thing that kind of sucked was that you have to pay over night to keep your car at the hotel as well as valet so if you can get away without renting a car I highly suggest it. They have peddle taxis that you can get to take you from place to place if it would be too far of a walk. After checking into our room, we unpacked and relaxed until dinner. We ordered some appetizers from It is basically like another version of Postmates. Super easy to use and convenient. I made reservations at the Old Pink House for 5pm so I got ready around 3:30. The restaurant was only a two minute walk from our hotel so it was also really convenient. I was super impressed with the food. Everything was so incredibly good and the atmosphere was awesome. It was an old mansion turned into a bank turned into a restaurant. It was old school and I loved every second of it. To start things off, I had two glasses of their riesling because it was AMAZING and then some of their fresh bread and biscuits that our waiter brought out. All of their workers were extremely nice. As for my actual meal, I went with their crab cake with a side of asparagus and a house salad. Again, everything was so good. After dinner we walked back to our hotel. One thing I love about Savannah is how it is so big yet so small. A lot of places are in walking distance so it just makes everything so much easier.

The Old Pink House


After we finished up at dinner, we went to City Market. City Market is the best at night because it has really good night life. While we were walking around we saw so many bridal parties. I came to the realization that this is definitely where mine will be lol! We stopped at the candy store and a few other touristy shops to look around then went back to the hotel because we were both pretty exhausted.

City Market


On Saturday morning, my mom and I went to grab breakfast at Savannah Coffee Roasters which was such a cool spot! Most of the places that we went on this trip I either knew of from the last time that we visited or I did some research on the gram. Since coffee sometimes bothers my stomach, I ordered a hot tea, iced tea and their fresh fruit with greek yogurt and granola. The fruit was so dang good and was super fresh! The granola was a little hard but it was good nonetheless. 

Savannah Coffee Roasters


After eating breakfast, we went to visit Forsyth Park. I didn’t have a chance to go here last time we visited so I was really excited to see the fountain. It happened to work out because since we were here the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, they made the fountain green. St. Patrick’s Day weekend is one of the biggest weekends in Savannah if you didn’t know! It was a little cold out so we didn’t stay very long but it would be so gorgeous to visit here in the summer and have a picnic or just walk around. I was surprised how big it all was. They also have a farmer’s market on the weekend so you could turn it into a fun afternoon! 

Forsyth Park


After taking some pictures, we headed to Red Clover Boutique. I discovered them last time I visited and was literally obsessed. It is easily one of my favorite boutiques because not only is their stuff cute and stylish but also budget friendly which is hard to find with boutiques these days! It was also convenient compared to other stores because there is a parking lot close by. I ended up buying the most things here so keep a lookout on my Instagram to see my outfits!

Red Clover Boutique


After shopping, we went back to our hotel to freshen up and then went over to River Street. Since my mom has trouble walking with her MS we drove to The Bohemian Hotel and did valet. It ended up being super convenient because parking was absolutely filled. Our hotel was extremely close to River Street though so if you could walk fine it is a very easy walk. After we did valet, we walked down to the river and then went to Rocks on the Roof for lunch. They have a limited menu so if you’re on the more hungry side, I suggest going to Rocks on the River instead which is in the same hotel just on the bottom floor. 

River Street


Rocks on the Roof


After eating and taking in the view, we went back to the hotel to relax until our Old Savannah Ghost Tour. If you didn’t know I secretly am a history nerd so I love going on ghost tours in Savannah. We did one last time we visited and it was amazing! The one we did last time was a horse and carriage ride where as this one was a trolley. It was about two hours long and they drove you around to a bunch of spots around town. Since it was somewhat cold out, we had the sides down but it would be gorgeous on a summer night with them open! For the most part, we stayed on the trolley which was convenient for my mom. At some stops they had characters come on who had something to do with that spot such as the home owner or someone who passed close by so it made it pretty cool because you got to learn about the persons life. The only stop that we got off at was the last one which was the Telfair Museum

Telfair Museum


A quick little background about the Telfair Museum….It was the first art museum in the southern United States. It opened in 1886 in the Telfair family’s renovated Regency style mansion known as Telfair Academy.  And yes, it is said to be haunted. 

Hampton Inn Hotel Roof Top


Our hotel was in such a good location and everyone was so incredibly nice. When I come back to Savannah, I will be booking again. They have a pool on the rooftop and this incredible view!


As bad as I wanted to stay, we unfortunately had to head home Sunday morning. We woke up around 8:30 and headed to the airport. On our way, we stopped to fill the Jeep up which only ended up being like $12 since we didn’t drive very much. One thing about Savannah is it feels so big but it is honestly pretty small. All in all, this was one of the best mini vacations that I have ever been on and I can not wait to go back. Savannah is by far my favorite place on earth. I absolutely love it. 



I am always so OCD when it comes to packing because I always feel like I am going to forget something and I just like to be organized overall. I typically make a list and check it twice. For this trip, I am flying out tomorrow night and not coming home until Sunday afternoon. I made sure to pack extra outfits since the weather will be between 60-70 degrees. I also packed extra pieces because I plan on taking pictures for my blog down there so you can definitely say I overpacked a little lol!



For my crossbody purse, I typically carry this stuff with me daily so not much changes with my purse. I have my wallet, lipgloss, chapstick, roller perfume, lipstick, lip liner, pills, a pen, lotion, essential oil inhalers, my usb and some gum. Again, these are just my daily essentials.



This is one of my dupe purchases from Amazon that I shared a few weeks back on Instagram. I absolutely love it and I am super impressed with the overall quality. It is on the smaller side but does open up and carry a lot making it the perfect carry on bag. I will link it here.


Since it is roughly just an hour flight, I am only packing the essentials. I am bringing my mini iPad, my kindle and my lululemon bag has my beats and all of my chargers.


I am checking a bag so because of that I put all of my jewelry that I plan on taking in this mini jewelry case just because I am a psycho and am afraid that it would get stolen if I checked it lol. I am bringing both of these glasses because the outfits I brought are either boho or edgy. The lemon kleenex are from the Target dollar spot and are perfect for on the go. With the coronavirus happening I also packed wet ones and hand sanitizer. Lastly, I am bringing my notebook and travel journal. I like to have my notebook for outlining books that I am currently reading and also to jot down anything that comes to mind. I am a notebook hoarder….Its okay, I’m okay.


I am always afraid of my luggage getting lost so I like to carry the important stuff with me on board. That means all of my skincare and makeup. My makeup isn’t pictured but most of my skincare/toiletries are! These are all my favs!

Here is the links for my Beis travel bag and a similar bag like my Daisy rose one Amazon toiletry bag



Ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved drinking hot tea. Oddly enough, I was never a hot chocolate kind of gal. I also never relaxed, I was always on the go whether that was being involved with sports or going out with friends or family. Relaxing was never my thing. As I get older, I am really trying to work on that. Sometimes your body needs rest and you just need to take a step back from life and be a couch potato for a day. Now that I am working full time, I am starting to actually enjoy signing out from the real world and just hanging out on the couch binging Real Housewives. Since it is still winter here in Pittsburgh, I love getting out of the shower, throwing on my robe, and making a c hot cup of tea. I have tried so many different types of teas but these three are my top favorites. With having IBS, I have to watch what I put into my body and neither of these flare it up so I would say they’re safe for anyone with digestive problems. One thing I try to stay away from is peppermint tea because it always affects my acid reflex and it gives me heart burn. Adult probs.


Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea

This is one of my favorite hot teas. It taste so refreshing and in my opinion is best with a fresh squeezed lemon and a little bit of stevia. I usually drink it in the summer as it has a more fruity taste rather than a calming aroma. Two benefits to drinking lemon zinger is one being that it is packed with vitamin C and it can overall help you sleep better.

Chamomile Herbal Tea

I typically drink this tea when I am having a stomach ache or bad cramps. Drinking chamomile tea can overall be beneficial. It can lower blood sugar, reduce period cramps, reduce inflammation and it can help with sleep and relaxation. I usually put a drop of stevia or honey in my chamomile tea to add a little sweetness and drink it two hours before I plan on going to bed.

Tazo Earl Grey Tea

When I am go to a coffee shop and order hot tea I will usually order earl grey. It is really good with a little sugar. I call it my “socializing tea”. It is good for your teeth as it high levels of catechin. It improves digestion health, can give you energy and can help with relaxation.