Hi babes! I am now about three months in from the day I got my IUD so I figured it was time for an update on how things are going. I am honestly so mad at myself for not doing this sooner. Don’t get me wrong, the first two weeks sucked but once you get past it, its amazing. It is so nice not having periods or ever having to worry about taking the pill. Not too mention pregnancy scares… kiss those goodbye lol! By having the IUD,  you literally are cleared from pretty much any stress or concerns. A few weeks ago, I went in for my check up to make sure everything was working the way it should and to make sure that my body didn’t reject it and all went really well. I still sometimes will get cramping but it isn’t anything unbearable and was said to dissipate within six months. I basically never have a period anymore although sometimes you’ll need a good ole panty liner, it is nothing major and only last a day or two. But that is pretty much it for the update…feel free to ask me any questions!


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