TOP button front cropped shirt | MOM JEANS cool classic mom jean (wearing a size two) | SNEAKERS old skool vans | FANNY PACK universal thread

More often than not, I am always wearing these mom jeans. They are so comfortable and can be styled so many different ways. I ended up buying this cropped button down from Goodwill a few weeks back, but it is originally from Topshop. I swore to myself that I would never hop on the fanny pack bandwagon but here I am. I was hoping to get this fanny pack in black but Target only had it in this taupe color and brown but I am kind of digging this taupe color. Honestly, I just am obsessed with how this look came together. I have recently been changing up my style a little bit and feel so much happier with my overall look. Back in high school and even middle school, I was always into the skater look. You never ever saw me in pink or bows haha! Although my mom and grandma would of preferred it.


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