I have tried so many self tanning products and this is by far my favorite! I have been using these Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops for months now and I will never change my routine ever again. These drops are freaking bomb! I have never had an issue with being orange or patchy. My tan also fades very well to where you don’t even notice. Other brands that I have tried I would always get patchy and gross after a few days even when exfoliating. I honestly don’t even end up having to exfoliate using these drops because it just fades away evenly.

my self tanning routine

Tanning my face: I use either my Drunk Elephant Whipped Cream or my Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask to apply my tanner on my face. It is suggested to use only white lotion as colored lotions can affect the drops. I put a penny size of moisturizer in my hand and add three drops. I apply the moisturizer and drops evenly all over my face making sure to go to my hair line. As always, make sure you wash your hands after.

Tanning my body: I use any body lotion that I currently have whether that be Jergens, Burt’s Bees, or Aveeno. Depending on how I tan I want to be, I usually use three drops for each application. I do each leg and then each arm. Then I go back in and do my neck, chest, back and stomach. Once again make sure to wash your hands.


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