I am so excited to be starting my health and wellness portion on this blog. I have always been afraid to open up and talk about my IBS because I never wanted to play the victim card but truth is, having chronic illness sucks and sometimes that is okay to share. I will be diving in next week on my IBS journey but I wanted to make my first post about something that will be positive and helpful to those who also suffer.

Pretty much everyone in my life and my family’s friends of friends of friends all know about my irritable bowel struggle so that is how I discovered this smooth tea. My grandmas friend actually told her about it and after giving it a try, I wanted to share it with you because it did work. If you suffer with IBS-C, then listen up. This is the part of my blog that isn’t so glamorous. So, I will apologize in advance but guess what..we all poop. But those with IBS-C sometimes are on the struggle bus and that is where this tea comes into play. If you’re having problems with becoming more regulated, I would definitely give this hot tea a try. You are supposed to drink a cup at bedtime and after doing so for a few days you will notice that you will become more regulated. And in my opinion, it actually taste pretty good. I drink mine by itself with no sugar or honey but you can always make it to your liking. With my experience, it worked for me and was not harsh on my stomach like other laxatives can be.

Let’s be honest, having bowel problems isn’t cute or fun but it is something that is becoming more and more common. I have met so many girls that also struggle with irritable bowel syndrome and or something similar so I am here to get the word out and stop the stigma of keeping your mouth shut. IBS is becoming such a common problem and we need to all come together, hop on that struggle bus, and find the road to relief.


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