I have recently been completely and utterly obsessed with going to Goodwill to the point where I think I go at least once a week haha! For the most part, I find amazing things that are priced very reasonably but there is times that I walk out with empty handed. That being said, the past two weeks I have found an endless amount of pieces that I am in love with. Since I have received so many messages and questions and now that this has become a hobby of mine, I wanted to start sharing my finds with y’all. I am planning on doing one Goodwill post a month if everything goes as planned. I am also going to by diving into the home department as well so I will be sharing all of the things from accessories, clothes and home decor. I will be selling some of my finds on Poshmark so if you would be interested in a certain item feel free to send me an email. Lastly, most of these outfits are linked on my like to know it so if you have questions about any look, I suggest checking that out first!

Express Suede Tank


Pittsburgh Penguins Tee

American Eagle Tee

Vintage Hockey Crew

Tie Dye Band Tee


Hollister Flannel

Loft Blouse

Eddie Bauer Henley & Lucky Brand Vest

John Galt Cropped Tank

Hollister Lace Tank

Zara Long Sleeve Top


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