I FINALLY did it y’all! Last week, I finished out my last semester of college. It honestly still hasn’t hit me that I will never ever have to do homework again. Woo! I have spent the last six years trying to get to where I am at and it feels oh so good to now be here. As I talked about before, I had so many health issues which has set me back a lot. But I never gave up and continued hauling ass and got it done. I seriously could not have done it without the constant support from my family. My parents honestly made this all possible. I had to finish out my degree by taking the hardest class of my life, Business Capstone. I also had to take management seminar . Since I didn’t want to wait until spring to graduate, I opted into doing a winter semester. It sucked, I am not going to lie but looking back it was all SO worth it. I actually had to do school work on Christmas Eve and Christmas since it was only a one month class. I basically had multiple weeks worth of work crammed into one week for not only one class but two. Because of that, I had to pull super late nights and work during the holidays, but the hard work all payed off! Since graduating, I am officially working full time as a program coordinator at a local marketing firm. It’s weird because I have wanted this for so long but now that it is all happening so fast, it still hasn’t hit me. To some this is just a small accomplishment but to me it’s by far the biggest accomplishment that I have ever had. Basically within one week, I have my BSBA and a new full time salary job. So my life is rapidly changing and new chapters are beginning to open. Thank you all for following along. Here’s to officially adulting and seeing what the future holds!


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