Now that I am older, I get invited to more and more events whether that be a holiday party or birthday party, I usually always end up bringing an appetizer. My new thing has been making charcuterie boards. Weirdly enough, it is enjoyable for me. I love being creative and with making charcuterie boards, it is all about creaitivty. I just made four for each of my Christmas parties that I went to this past month, so I thought it was time to make a blog post all about my process. I always receive so many compliments on them and honestly they are so incredibly easy to make, I wanted to share my tips and tricks with y’all. So if interested, keep on reading! 


Large Charcuterie Board

To start things off, I want to talk about how I make my large charcuterie board. As for the actual board, I bought this one from Hearth & Hand at Target. It is the perfect size to feed up to 12-15 people (remember this is an appetizer). I bought a Mud Pie set that had these two bowls and two knives in it but you could really use any knife set and small bowls of your choice. Mud Pie and Raedunn are my favorites. I will link some below. When it comes to my large board, I like to have four different types of cheeses, two/three meats, and three or more types of crackers. I always add pickles, nuts, olives, and artichokes. You can’t really mess this up but I always try to keep crackers on the outside and cheeses, crackers, and meats separated. I other words don’t put two meats or cheeses right next to each other. Since this was for Christmas, I added some rosemary branches. 

Small Charcuterie Board

I also bought this Hearth & Hand small cutting board at Target. The knives I bought from Altard State, but again you can look into Mud Pie on Amazon. For my smaller boards, I use two different types of cheeses and one cracker/meat. Since this is small, I usually bring a container of everything to add more once eaten if needed. This usually feeds 5-8 people. 

Mud Pie favorites: Spreader Set, Brunch Spreader Set, Lets Dip Set, Cheese Board



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