If you’re not familiar with Lumaze, it is an indoor light show with over a million lights. They have interactive light gardens, lots of yummy food, holiday themed drinks, live entertainment, and even a market. They just recently came to Pittsburgh and I was so happy that they asked me to go! I was able to go a little early so I took my mom with me who had such a fun time! A few tips if you plan on going, make sure to dress warm because although this is indoors, it is still a large warehouse with little to no heat. I also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for walking because the ground is uneven and you can easily trip.

lumaze 1

One of the food vendors that I favored was called Sinkers and Suds. They made little donuts with so many different flavors, I was nearly in heaven. These were absolutely amazing. If you go, order the sweet piggy!


They also have light bulb souvenir cups that light up. I ended up getting my wine put inside so it was basically like an adult sippy cup lol! But I thought this was super cool for the kids to have since it is spill proof.


For more information or to buy tickets, click here.


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