Hi Chickas! Wow, where to begin. This year has been full of ups and downs. I would overall say it was a pretty good year but if I could describe it in one word it would just be blah. I am so so so excited to see what 2020 has in store for me though. For some reason, I just feel like it is going to be such a good year, full of growth. In January, I graduate college with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management so I will be starting the year off just right. I also will be getting my “big girl” job which means adulting is going to get REAL. Lots of change, and I am beyond ready for it!


Going into 2020 I have five New Year resolutions that I hope I can really stick to. The first one is to start treating my body better meaning, eating healthy and working out. The second one is to read one book a month. I love reading but just never make time for it. The third one is to start saving, a lot. I barely have a savings account as is but since I will be making a heck of a lot more, it will be easier to do. The fourth one is to try and pay off all of my debt, super fun stuff. And the last one is to work on moving out and become independent. So basically, I have to get my butt moving but I am so excited for a new chapter. As for my outfit, both my skirt and turtleneck are from Target and they are such good quality! I have really been loving tucking my shirts into my skirts so that is what I did here. I added this belt from amazon and these Nordstrom booties to dress the look up. I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!



This year for Christmas, my boyfriend and I decided to get a hotel room downtown and have a nice evening with just the two of us instead of exchanging gifts. I wanted to book a hotel that we normally wouldn’t typically stay at so we decided to go with the Fairmont Pittsburgh. After arriving at valet, my boyfriend checked in and to my surprise he had upgraded the room to a suite. After walking into our room, I literally had no words. As you can tell by the photos, it was absolutely breathtaking. 

Hotel 1
Hotel 2

After we got settled into our room, I fixed my hair and did my makeup to get ready for dinner. We were originally going to go to a seafood restaurant but after we saw our room, we decided to go to the restaurant in the hotel called Floor 2. If you’re a true WLFJ follower, then you would have seen my previous blog post about Floor 2 from when we went their for our anniversary dinner. I am actually really happy that we did that because it was more relaxing. For dinner, to start we both ordered a glass of wine and the charcuterie and cheese board. For our entrees, I ordered a caesar salad with oil and vinegar instead of the caesar dressing and the crispy mushrooms. My boyfriend ordered the bone-in-strip steak. Everything was extraordinarily good!

Floor 2 Dinner

After dinner, we took both of our glasses of wine upstairs and watched the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins game on the couch. When the game ended, we put on the new season of You which is where I soon passed out. I was so tired that he had to carry me into bed. That’s when you know you picked a good one haha! On Sunday, we packed up and went to the Strip District to grab some things at Penn Mac. That would be another fun thing to do if you decided to stay here. We were also right next to Market Square and just walking distance to PPG where you can ice skate. I really liked that all of the Christmas decorations were still up too so it was all super pretty! All in all we both were really happy that we decided to do this so I highly recommend it for next year! 


Fairmont Pittsburgh

510 Market St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Floor 2 Modern American

510 Market St. Floor 2

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Now that I am older, I get invited to more and more events whether that be a holiday party or birthday party, I usually always end up bringing an appetizer. My new thing has been making charcuterie boards. Weirdly enough, it is enjoyable for me. I love being creative and with making charcuterie boards, it is all about creaitivty. I just made four for each of my Christmas parties that I went to this past month, so I thought it was time to make a blog post all about my process. I always receive so many compliments on them and honestly they are so incredibly easy to make, I wanted to share my tips and tricks with y’all. So if interested, keep on reading! 


Large Charcuterie Board

To start things off, I want to talk about how I make my large charcuterie board. As for the actual board, I bought this one from Hearth & Hand at Target. It is the perfect size to feed up to 12-15 people (remember this is an appetizer). I bought a Mud Pie set that had these two bowls and two knives in it but you could really use any knife set and small bowls of your choice. Mud Pie and Raedunn are my favorites. I will link some below. When it comes to my large board, I like to have four different types of cheeses, two/three meats, and three or more types of crackers. I always add pickles, nuts, olives, and artichokes. You can’t really mess this up but I always try to keep crackers on the outside and cheeses, crackers, and meats separated. I other words don’t put two meats or cheeses right next to each other. Since this was for Christmas, I added some rosemary branches. 

Small Charcuterie Board

I also bought this Hearth & Hand small cutting board at Target. The knives I bought from Altard State, but again you can look into Mud Pie on Amazon. For my smaller boards, I use two different types of cheeses and one cracker/meat. Since this is small, I usually bring a container of everything to add more once eaten if needed. This usually feeds 5-8 people. 

Mud Pie favorites: Spreader Set, Brunch Spreader Set, Lets Dip Set, Cheese Board



If you’re not familiar with Lumaze, it is an indoor light show with over a million lights. They have interactive light gardens, lots of yummy food, holiday themed drinks, live entertainment, and even a market. They just recently came to Pittsburgh and I was so happy that they asked me to go! I was able to go a little early so I took my mom with me who had such a fun time! A few tips if you plan on going, make sure to dress warm because although this is indoors, it is still a large warehouse with little to no heat. I also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for walking because the ground is uneven and you can easily trip.

lumaze 1

One of the food vendors that I favored was called Sinkers and Suds. They made little donuts with so many different flavors, I was nearly in heaven. These were absolutely amazing. If you go, order the sweet piggy!


They also have light bulb souvenir cups that light up. I ended up getting my wine put inside so it was basically like an adult sippy cup lol! But I thought this was super cool for the kids to have since it is spill proof.


For more information or to buy tickets, click here.



I am so excited to share my collaboration with Getaway House! This past weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Lisbon, Ohio to stay one night in one of their tiny cabins.  We truly had the best time ever! If you’re not familiar with Getaway House, they just recently opened up a Pittsburgh/Cleveland location that have over twenty little cabins nestled away in the woods under a bunch of pine trees. I was absolutely shocked when we pulled up because the landscape itself was absolutely gorgeous!


One thing that I love about this concept is although it is similar to a campground, you still had your privacy. I also really liked how you didn’t have to stop and get keys, they just text you your code and cabin name a few hours before check in. It really made everything hassle free! Since check in was at 3pm we pulled up around 4pm that way we still had daylight left to get everything organized. It took us about an hour and a half to get there from Pittsburgh so it wasn’t bad at all. Just as an FYI, these cabins obviously do not have a TV which allows you to really relax without any “outside noise”. They also have a cell phone lock box that you can put your phone in for the time being.


It is a “tiny cabin” but it had a lot more space than I had ever thought. I was shocked on how big the kitchen and shower were. I was a little worried that my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have that much space but we really had no issues at all. One major thing that I loved was how clean everything was. For it being “in the woods” you definitely couldn’t tell by the inside. After we took some photos we got ready for dinner and headed to this really cool place in town called The Courthouse Inn & Restaurant. It was about ten minutes from the Getaway outpost so it was very convenient. They had a tremendous menu and I highly suggest stopping here. Your jaw will definitely drop when you walk into their bathrooms lol!


A few other places we also found were Pondi’s Restaurant & Bar and Shale Tavern & Grill. Both were only a few minutes away from the outpost. The little town that the restaurant we went to was in reminded me so much of Savannah, Georgia. In the spring/fall I am sure it is really gorgeous so walking around there would be something to do as well. If I am not mistaking, it looked like they were adding in more shops and even a coffee spot so that would be exciting! 


After dinner we came back to the cabin and put on some comfy clothes. We unfortunately didn’t have a fire because we were freezing but we ended up streaming the Pittsburgh Penguins game on my boyfriends laptop so it was nice to get all cozy and watch that together.  Some people have problems falling asleep without a TV being on and my boyfriend is one of them, so he downloaded two Netflix movies. Since I didn’t feel like reading my book that I brought, we fell asleep to the Grinch, which I wasn’t mad about it haha. I ended up waking up around 4am because there was a torrential downpour outside and it was so LOUD. Although I ended up falling back asleep, we both woke up around 7am and decided to head home. All in all we had the best time and both can’t wait to go back with family and friends! I highly suggest renting out one of these cabins whether it be for a romantic getaway or a friends trip, you’ll have a blast!

Click here to visit their website

Click here to book your cabin

Use code JORDYNM25 for $25 off of your booking!



The Courthouse Inn & Restaurant

116 W Lincoln Way

Lisbon, OH 44432

Pondi’s Restaurant & Bar

8954 State Route 45

Lisbon, OH 44432

Shale Tavern & Grille

40964 OH-154

Lisbon, OH 44432