This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I finally went here for dinner. I have wanted to try this spot out for months and it definitely did not disappoint. To start off, I loved the aesthetic as it had somewhat of a rustic and modern type feel. To drink, I tried a few of their ciders but ended up going with an arsenal cider. For dinner, I ordered their BLT which absolutely amazing. The bacon was more on the sweet side so it really made the sandwich as a whole taste good. The fries were also very tasty and not at all greasy. My boyfriend ordered one of their burgers in which he also had only good things to say. For dessert we ordered their apple/ice cream option and it was so so good! All in all, I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re ever in the area!

Check ou the full list at

Bacon, Bourbon & Beer

100 Park Pl Drive

Washington, PA 15301


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