This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I had dinner at Houlihan’s to try out their new test kitchen menu for fall. I have been to Houlihan’s a few times before, but never really dived into their menu aside from their chicken salad and mashed potatoes which are so so good in case you were wondering! Since I haven’t really tried anything else, I was excited to dive into their new test kitchen menu. The first thing that I started out with is their All-Seasons Spritzer which is made with Aperol, SKYY Infusions Bartlett Pear, Maschio Prosecco, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. If you enjoy light-refreshing drinks, you will love this. It wasn’t overpowering and went down smoothly. I highly recommend.

All-Seasons Spritzer

We then ordered an appetizer, the Grilled Chicken Nachos. I am not really a fan of nachos but these were pretty dang good. They were very fresh and the portion was huge! It came with chili-lime rubbed chicken, chipotle cheese sauce, fresh jalapenos, pico, avocado, sour cream, and black beans. For our entrees, we ordered the Crispy Cauliflower Stir Fry and the Lemony Chicken Piccata. My boyfriend loved the stir fry! I thought it was a little spicy but it was really good nonetheless. The cauliflower tasted like chicken so if you’re not a big fan of it, you won’t even be able to taste the difference. As for the lemony chicken piccata, I absolutely loved it. It was so freaking good and I will definitely be ordering it again. The stir fry consist of  housemade general tso style sauce with crispy cauliflower over brown rice, stir fried red bell peppers, snow peas, and scallions. The lemony chicken piccata is made with thinly-pounded, sauteed chicken breast, white wine butter sauce, lemon herb butter, oven roasted tomatoes, lemon asparagus risotto, and fried capers. For dessert, we ordered the Apple Croustade which consisted of cinnamon-sugar apples wrapped in flaky puff pastry, brown sugar oat crumb, vanilla ice cream, and caramel drizzle. I love all things apple, but this was by far one of the best apple desserts that I have had. It was so so so good and the puff pastry just made it that much better.

All-Seasons Spritzer(1)
All-Seasons Spritzer(2)

Thank you again Houlihan’s for having us, everything was very tasty and the service was superb.

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