Header Image (71)Happy Friday Babes! I have been in kind of a funk lately when it comes to coming up with content. I have really struggled with producing content that looks not only professional but also relatable. After doing a lot of brainstorming, I think I finally have it right. That being said, I am slightly rebranding. If you follow me on Instagram, then you  already know what I am talking about. I FINALLY found my niche! I am now focusing solely on what I love and less about what is popular and trendy. If you’ve seen my previous home decor posts, they were all farmhouse related but I am currently in the process of redoing everything. I will be having a more modern-boho look and so far, I love it! So because of all of the changes, if you’re not following me on Instagram, head over and click follow and if you are, stay tuned for lots of fun things in the near future!

best music fetival style trends(11)Since this is my first post kicking of fall, I wanted to talk about my plans for the next couple of weeks. For starters, I plan on going to lots and lots of haunted houses. My boyfriend and I haven’t gone to many together, so I am excited to take him to some good ones. I also plan on going to a local farm for apple and pumpkin picking. I did that last year and had an absolute blast. It also makes for cute photo sessions! I am planning on drinking a lot of apple cider and pigging out on football Sundays. Last year I did a few football Sunday recipes which everyone loved, so I am planning on doing some more this year. Lastly, I am working on making a schedule for when I post, so when I have that figured out, I will update yall!


Outfit Details: Oversized Cardigan // Lace Tank //  Black Jeggings // Beige Loafers





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