Weekend at the Lake + Lake Packing List


Happy Tuesday babes! I officially started school last week so I am a little behind on posts. I wanted to share the past two weekends with y’all because I had so much fun at the lake with my fam! Last weekend (August 23-25), my boyfriend and I hiked up a little waterfall in the mountains on Saturday. I was not feeling very well but ended up having a really fun time. After hanging out in the waterfall area we went back on the boat and relaxed. The temperature was in the low 70s so we didn’t do much swimming. Last weekend (Labor day weekend), we headed down to camp Friday around 3:00pm. I had to take some blog photos so we shot them at the damn then went to the lodge for a glass of wine and an early dinner. I had to do some blog work and my boyfriend had to do a few things for his job. It was nice to just hangout and somewhat relax without being in a rush. After that we went back to the camp and relaxed. Saturday and Sunday we boated and then headed home early Monday morning. It was officially the last weekend of summer boating so goodbye summer and hello fall!Β 


Weekend at the Lake Packing List

2 Pairs of Shorts, 2 Tees, Crocs, Jeans, Sweatpants + Hoodie, Socks, Pajamas, Face Wash, Face Lotion, Body Lotion, Medicine, Pillow + Blanket, Tooth Brush + Toothpaste, Undergarments, Light Makeup Products, Hair brush + Hair Ties, and a Hat.


Boat Bag Packing List

Snacks, Sunblock, Uno, Medicine, Sunglasses, Hat, Kindle + Book, Portable Charger + USB, Phone, Beat Headphones, Chapstick.



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