My Favorite Skincare Products

Hello skincare babes! I finally am giving you what you all have been asking for…..a blog post about all of my favorite skincare products! I have struggled with acne my entire life especially in my sophomore and junior year of high school. I was visiting numerous dermatologists, trying many different prescription medications, nothing had worked. It was so bad that I ended up being put on Accutane for a few months. I didn’t like all of the upkeep that went along with it, so after a few months, I stopped taking it and decided to just take the L and walk away. I would say roughly a year passed, and it all magically went away on its own. I personally think it was more of hormonal type of acne that just needed to work its way through my body. Regardless, it is gone and ya girl couldn’t be happier. I remember being so embarrassed about it thinking people thought I was some gross slob, but honestly, I washed my face like it was my damn job. I never missed a day/night. But it happened and it is over with so now I treat my skin like gold. Sh*t, with the money I spend on products, they might as well be gold at this point. My all-time favorite moisturizer is from Drunk Elephant called Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer. This stuff is the bomb dot com. I hate how other creams leave my skin feeling sticky and oily and this does everything but that. It leaves my skin feeling like a babies bum! If I plan on self tanning my face, I put a few drops of this Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops in medium into my moisturizer and wake up looking bronze af! I love this self tanner because it doesn’t make you orange and it also doesn’t leave you looking blotchy. It also doesn’t make me break out! Woooo! Sometimes when I have had a long day or if I just want some me time, I will throw some of these Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Eye Pads under my eyes. They help with puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. Absolutely love the way they feel on my skin! When it comes to washing my face, I love all Fresh products but this Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is my all time favorite and it smells so dang good! Another Fresh product that I love is their Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. It also smells absolutely amazing and helps with hydrating your skin and gets rid of uneven texture. Lastly, as for my lips, I recently started really taking care of them. I never focused on them but the older I get, the more I want to preserve my skin so it will look better in the long run. All I am going to say is Laneige Sleeping Mask, go buy it. I got so many people hooked on this stuff because it is just that good. Better than any chapstick that I have ever used!




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