I went to Deka Lash last week to get lash extensions and loved the final look. I went to the one in McMurray, PA and the lady that did them did such a great job. Last time I went, they did not stay on very well but this time I had a much better turn out. I told her my concerns and she took the time to add in more lashes than usual. I absolutely love how I don’t have to wear mascara but still get the look as if I have makeup on. It is so nice waking up and not having to get fully ready. The usual upkeep with having lash extensions is pretty basic. You should not use makeup remover on them and should always brush them after waking up and after getting them wet whether that be when you get out of the shower or after washing your face. They say to get a fill every two weeks but I seem to need one before then which almost make it not worth it for me because they are not cheap. But I do love having them nonetheless. I got them done Tuesday the 18th so this upcoming Tuesday the 2nd would just hit the two week mark. I lost a decent amount on my right eye so I wouldn’t be able to make it until Tuesday.  Some people can make them last even longer than two weeks it just depends on how quick your natural lashes shed. Most people that I know that have them absolutely love them and have no issues!

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