Header Image (52)Happy Wednesday! Today, I wanted to share with you my experience with halotherapy/salt cave session. If you’re not familiar with halotherapy, it is an alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air. Himalayan Salt, the purest salt in the world, is a natural antiseptic that reduces inflammation as well as opens up breathing passages. Some benefits from halotherapy are that it thins mucus build-up, eliminates allergens, improves lung function, benefits skin, increases immunity, stimulates metabolism, improves concentration, and decreases fatigue. One nice thing about halotherapy is that it is a more holistic/natural type of treatment. In other words, no drugs needed. If you’re from the Pittsburgh area and are familiar with Mcmurray, you may have heard of Salt of the Earth. That is where I had my session which consisted of 45 minutes in the 72 degree cave. It was absolutely gorgeous inside but not nearly as big as I thought. Not a negative, but I had a different picture in my head. I ended up going with my Mom so we were the only ones in the session which was nice. You were not aloud to wear shoes or take a phone inside. It was pretty cold although the worker had stated it was 72. Thankfully he gave us a blanket. He sat us in the zero-gravity chairs, leaned us back, then exited the cave. The lights were dim and they had relaxing music playing. We sat in front of the graduation tower which I believe helps with mist being dispersed throughout the cave. It Β basically was running water over small branches if you need a mental picture. It was very relaxing to say the least but after roughly 10 minutes I was ready to be done. I can not relax so that was basically just my own issue. Lol! One thing that I thought was cool was the floor which was little salt pebbles. It was weird but oh so satisfying to walk on. I wish I could of taken pictures but I wasn’t aloud to bring my phone in. Here’s a few pictures from their website! I personally didn’t notice a difference in my breathing but you may have to go to a few sessions to get the full affect. Regardless, it was a really interesting experience and I’m glad I gave it a try!



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