Eyelash Extensions + Deka Lash

I went to Deka Lash last week to get lash extensions and loved the final look. I went to the one in McMurray, PA and the lady that did them did such a great job. Last time I went, they did not stay on very well but this time I had a much better turn out. I told her my concerns and she took the time to add in more lashes than usual. I absolutely love how I don’t have to wear mascara but still get the look as if I have makeup on. It is so nice waking up and not having to get fully ready. The usual upkeep with having lash extensions is pretty basic. You should not use makeup remover on them and should always brush them after waking up and after getting them wet whether that be when you get out of the shower or after washing your face. They say to get a fill every two weeks but I seem to need one before then which almost make it not worth it for me because they are not cheap. But I do love having them nonetheless. I got them done Tuesday the 18th so this upcoming Tuesday the 2nd would just hit the two week mark. I lost a decent amount on my right eye so I wouldn’t be able to make it until Tuesday.  Some people can make them last even longer than two weeks it just depends on how quick your natural lashes shed. Most people that I know that have them absolutely love them and have no issues!



Marco Island, Florida 2019

This was my first time visiting Marco Island and I was completely taken away. Every single house on the Island was breathtaking and our rental house was my absolute favorite place thus far. As for the island itself, everything is very clean and the people are extremely nice. The only issue we had was with the beach access. There is not many options when it comes to getting onto the beach and with a mother with multiple sclerosis and a grandmother it was a quite the process. We ended up flying into Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Fort Meyers. On the way home we thankfully had a direct flight. Once we touched down in Fort Myers we rented a car and drove to Marco. It was roughly 45 minutes so not bad at all. We got in around 6:30pm Saturday night. Like I said, the house we rented was absolutely breathtaking. Very clean and just beautiful. Our backyard was on one of the waterway canals so it was great for fishing. By the time we unloaded everything, my boyfriend and I headed to grab food at CJ’s on the Bay. I ordered a shrimp cobb salad and he ordered a salmon blt. Having dinner while watching the sun go down was the perfect start to our vacation. Highly suggest going here.


On Sunday, we woke up around 7:30am and went to grab breakfast at Empire Bagel Factory. I would honestly have to say they had the best breakfast sandwich that I have ever had. It is not a big place at all, just a little bagel shop but they do have some table seating inside. We just got everything to go and came back to the house. I ordered a breakfast sandwich with egg, sausage and cheese on a plain bagel, my mom ordered a flagel with homemade veggie cream cheese, and my boyfriend/grandma ordered the lox deluxe. Everything was very good!

After eating breakfast, we hungout by the pool for the rest of the day and played some card games. In the evening, we fished on the docks in the backyard and ordered takeout from Cocomo’s Grill. I ordered the homemade crab cakes which were pretty good. They were definitely on the larger side, so very filling. It came with two sides so I ordered rice and coleslaw. Both pretty good as well. On top of all of that, I ordered a caesar salad and hush puppies. Everything was pretty standard and tasty.


On Monday morning, we woke up early and headed to Tigertail beach with my dad and uncle to go fishing. One thing about this beach is it is a VERY far walk from the parking lot to the actual beach itself. You may think that the brown water is the only view but you have to walk left towards the condominiums to get to the actual ocean. I did find some nice shells though but it was brutally hot and the fleas were horrible. We also were able to catch some fish and see dolphins. My boyfriend insists that he saw a little shark but we can’t confirm. lol.

After fishing, my boyfriend and I went to Doreen’s Cup of Joe for breakfast. If I could recommend anything, it would be this place. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the breakfast food is by far the best that I have ever had. My boyfriend and I ordered their french toast as well as scrambled eggs and their homemade sausage patties. Both outstanding! We also went here for lunch on Tuesday. I ordered the biscuit sandwich with their homemade sausage. 10/10.

After eating here for breakfast, we went back to the house, relaxed, rode bikes, and swam.

One thing with Marco Island this time of year….the sun is HOT. Unlike the Outer Banks where we usually go, there isn’t much of a breeze and it takes the meaning hot to a whole new level. The level where you can’t sit outside in the sun for very long without feeling like death.  So because of that a lot of the time we hangout at the house and just swim in the pool. Monday evening, my boyfriend and I ordered takeout from Pinchers. We went to pick it up and it wasn’t ready yet, so we sat at the bar for drinks. Some drinks were buy one get one so he got a beer and I ordered a sangria. Thinking we would only be paying for one drink, he comes back with two of each. Here it had to be the same drink so needless to say, we got screwed. Lol. It was fun regardless though, we ended up meeting an older couple who live here and we all chatted for a while. It was a cool atmosphere inside and the food was pretty good. I love their cocktail sauce, especially on crackers! I ordered their grilled shrimp which was very good with a side of hush puppies and a caesar salad. He ordered the grouper sandwich and said it was amazing. So I suggest that with a side of their rice because it was super tasty! After getting our food, we went to Dolce Mare to get some chocolates and gelato. I ordered the chocolate gelato and it was very tasty! I am a Sarris Chocolate girl (hey Pittsburgh) so I wasn’t impressed very much by their chocolates. Definitely worth the visit though for the gelato. The staff was also very nice as well.

On Tuesday, we woke up and went to Doreen’s Cup of Joe with all of the family. As stated above, I highly suggest going here. Everything is just so dang good! After breakfast, we all got ready and drove down to Sunset Grill to the public beach. Down here, it is really tough to find a beach that is easily accessible. It was really hard on my mom with m.s and my grandma so we only lasted about an hour. The sand was so white though and the water was a pretty shade of light blue, but it honestly felt like bath water which was not very refreshing. My aunt went to Naples on Wednesday and said the beaches were much much better. So I suggest doing that. After the beach, we all just hung out and relaxed because we were exhausted from the heat. For dinner, we went back to Pinchers for takeout and I ordered a crab cake. It wasn’t horrible but it also wasn’t the greatest.

On Wednesday, my mom, grandma, aunt, and I woke up and went to go to the farmers market which ended up being a bust because it was their off season so we ended up doing some shopping and then headed back to Empire Bagel Factory. Between there and Doreen’s Cup of Joe, I would be broke if I lived here! Lol. They both are so good! There was a really cute boutique next door called OMG That’s Chic. The owner was extremely nice and it was such a neat little shop.

When we got back to the house, I went fishing with my dad, uncle, and boyfriend. We went under the main bridge in which I got absolutely fried. Although I was under a little umbrella, my legs and feet resembled a tomato within just two hours of being outside. So another tip, always wear sunscreen! It was really cool though because we were able to see a lot of dolphins and manatees, up close.


After fishing, we went back to the house and swam in the pool. As you could imagine, I was somewhat miserable because of my sunburn but we played a couple of rounds of Uno and then relaxed. After Uno Tom and I ran to a few places, one being the local surf shop. I was able to finally buy myself a cute beach bag. Surf shops always have the cutest things, I swear! Unfortunately, It ended up really storming in the evening so for dinner we just ordered takeout from Joey’s Pizza. I ordered a turkey and provolone cold sub with banana peppers and a side caesar salad. Everyone else ordered more fancy things but because of having a bad stomach, I stuck with a safe meal.


On Thursday, the boys woke up early to go fishing so I went outside and relaxed while watching the sunrise and worked on some blog stuff. It has been so nice not having to work down here and actually be able to step back and relax. I ended up taking my grandma out for some shopping to Kay’s Boutique and Bealls Outlet. I have never been to one before and it reminded me a lot like TJ Maxx.


After shopping, my boyfriend and I went to Sunset Grille for lunch and some drinks. We were able to get a table outside on the beach so we ended up staying for a decent amount of time. Since it was right next to the public beach, my aunt went to the beach while we ate. We ended up all going back for dinner and had a really nice time even though it stormed really bad. Before the storms hit, we were able to watch the sun go down which was the perfect backdrop for dinner.

Today (Friday), is our flight home. My boyfriend and I woke up and headed back to Doreen’s Cup of Joe one last time which of course was amazing. This time I ordered their fruit belgium waffles with blueberries and strawberries with a side of two scrambled eggs.


After breakfast we just hung out and packed everything back up and headed to the airport around 3:00pm for our flight at 5:55pm which has now been delayed. Not to mad though because I am able to get this post up faster then I thought! Right after getting to the airport and turning our rental car in, we got a tornado warning and a killer storm. So our plane is now delayed until 8:00pm so fingers crossed that still happens! Regardless this trip was one for the books.



Tape In Extensions + Dallas Beauty Lounge

I have honestly been in a love-hate relationship with extensions for over the past five years that this post was long overdue. I stopped getting extensions a few years back, and traded them in for more of a short blunt cut. I recently went more blonde and chopped even more hair off, so I was really starting to notice all of the breakage around my face. Because of that, I decided to get a few extensions put in around my face to blend in my bangs. I got them done by Amber at Dallas Beauty Lounge and it was such a quick and easy process. Amber is very knowledgeable and gave me the exact look that I was going for. If you’re wondering what tape in extensions are all about, here you go! In my opinion, they are the easiest. I just make sure I don’t brush rough and I always make sure I blow dry the part where the tape is. You do not want your tape to air dry. I usually get them moved up every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast my hair grows. We only put around 8 pieces in, so it is much easier than getting a full head of them. If you have any questions comment below or feel free to email me and I can try to get you the proper answer!







Gingham Print Blouse

Outfit Details: Madewell Blouse //American Eagle Jeans // Tory Burch Sandals // Bosom Buddy Purse // Rayban Sunglasses

Happy Tuesday! It is hard to believe that in only four days, I will be heading to the beach. Since we have been planning this vacation for almost a year, I am so excited. We end up coming back home the weekend before July 4, so I wanted to share some outfit inspo that would be perfect for a cookout or summer party. Gingham is one of my favorite trends for the summer so I new once I saw this top, I needed it. I paired it with jeans but it would look just as cute with distressed denim shorts. As always, head to my like to know it profile to get the links to some of my favorite gingham tops!



Lula Boutique Kimono

Outfit Details: Forever 21 Kimono // American Eagle Jeans // Sam Edelman Shoes // Louis Vuitton Purse // Madewell Shirt

Happy Monday! Let the vacation countdown being! A few weeks ago, I finally stopped at this cute little boutique that I would pass all of the time when driving to get groceries. I am so happy I stopped because I found this adorable kimono! I am all about supporting local/small businesses so when I find something I love, I am of course going to share it with ya’ll. If you’re local to Pittsburgh, go take a visit to Lula Boutique in the South Hills, you won’t regret it! Not only do they sell cute women’s clothing and accessories but they are also connected to a cute children’s boutique. My kind of one-stop shop!



Ruffle Skirt + Sweater

Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters Top // American Eagle Skirt // Steve Madden Sandals // Gucci Purse

Cheers to the weekend! I hope you all are having a fun filled weekend thus far! I wanted to share this cute little outfit with ya’ll that works great for a relaxing night out. I love pairing a long sleeve top with a ruffled skirt in the spring/summer because sometimes it gets a little chilly at night. I have a birthday party to go to later on so I wanted to dress accordingly but also comfortably and this outfit works perfectly!