Hi Y’all! I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, I still had such a fun time hanging with the family. The weather has been super wonky lately which has made the summer feels feeling like spring. AKA rain rain go away!!!! As I am currently writing this, my little ole town is on a tornado warning as well as a severe thunderstorm warning. Yay me right!? Any who, to the main point of this post, I wanted to share a fun collaboration that I am doing with Rellery. If you’re not familiar with them, they specialize in personal modern pieces that are all high quality without the markup price. I received the Modern Round Hoops size small and I am absolutely obsessed! I have been wearing mine non stop since I opened the package. Not only do they look high quality but they also feel high quality. That is a win-win for me!


Click the link below to receive 10% off your order and to explore some of their other earrings! I seriously want them all!!



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