25th Birthday Celebration

For my birthday post this year I wanted to do 25 fun facts about me…

1. My favorite colors are pink and black

2. I love stickers, I weirdly used to collect them

3. I would go to the beach over snow any day

4. I love snowboarding and water skiing

5. I grew up hunting and fishing … still love to fish to this day!

6. I played softball, basketball, and volleyball up until high school

7. I am obsessed with all things organization

8. My favorite TV is reality TV

9. I love going to Target and have never left empty handed

10. I am super crafty

11. I grew up biting my nails and have since broke the habit

12. I love traveling but rarely have the time to do so

13. I have had stomach problems for 8 years and have had 3 surgeries for it

14. I had a bone tumor in my knee back in high school

15. I’m obsessed with lemon water

16. Along with lemon water I’m obsessed with all things lemon

17. I love cooking and baking

18. I have two little pups named Geno and Gizmo

19. I cannot wait to be a dog mom to a golden doodle, husky, and german shep

20. I have worked at a marketing firm for seven years

21. My Mom and Grandma wish I was a girly girl but unfortunately I’m just a plain Jane kinda girl who hates all things glitz and glam

22. I collect aka buy too much of Gucci

23. I used to be obsessed with dolphins and my old bedroom was aqua blue with dolphin stuff everywhere…so weird

24. I am an only child but I am super close to my older cousin and refer to her as my long lost sister… love you Er!

25. My family is my absolute world and I would do anything for any single one of them. That’s right, all 55 of you




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