Header Image (25)Outfit Details: Dress | Boots | Cardigan | Sunglasses | Crossbody

Happy Friday! I am so relieved that today is Friday because this week has been a big ball of WTF. My semester is pretty much over so I have been slammed with finals and semester projects. My internship is also over so that meant I had to write a 10 page paper. Needless to say ya girl was struggling. But now that everything is over I am ready to have a relaxing fun weekend! Tonight, I am planning on laying low but tomorrow night my boyfriend and I are going downtown to celebrate our anniversary and then Sunday afternoon my aunt, grandma, and mom are coming with me to a local tea house to celebrate my birthday and mothers day. I am so excited to go back their because it is the cutest place ever. I will definitely be making a blog post all about it so stay tuned! As for my hair, yesterday, I went back to Dallas Beauty Lounge to get my hair done. I have been there a few times for facials and lash stuff but never tried getting my hair done. I am absolutely in love, I went to Amber and she did amazing! Everyone that works there is so nice and its just an overall cute environment. I highly suggest if you are in the Pittsburgh area to give them a visit!Before & After





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