Vintage Snake Print Skirt + Life Update

Outfit Details: Target Top | Shein Skirt | Gucci Belt | Revolve Boots

Happy Tuesday Yall! I have been so incredibly busy lately that I feel like I have been running on a hamster wheel. Aka running in circles, this has resulted in me not being able to create much blog content. I almost feel like I have been in this winter depression type funk and am honestly losing my mind waiting for spring to get here. But I am finally back and have so many awesome things planned. With that being said, I wanted to do a quick little life update. As most of you know I am a senior in college and also work full-time at a marketing firm. Being almost 25, I am a little behind because of current health issues but I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (only 6 more classes left until graduation!!!!) Most of my health issues are related to my IBS but along with all of that, I have been suffering from severe pains every couple of weeks and am having surgery on the 28 to hopefully fix everything (fingers crossed). During that time I will be off of work for roughly two weeks. I am planning but mostly hoping that I can get a lot of blog content created during that time. My doctor believes my symptoms result from endometriosis so they are going in laparoscopically to see what is all going on. Always something when it comes to my health! LOL! Now that we are done with all of that nonsense, let’s talk about the main reason for this post, this cute little vintage skirt that I scored from Goodwill for only $6! My local Goodwill is always a hit or miss but recently I have been finding pure gold. Last trip, I found a Longchamp bag that was in somewhat bad condition for only $5. I figured for that price, I can at least try to clean it up and if not, I would just take the L. So I took it home, cleaned it, and it looked almost brand new after. This past time, I found vintage Levi’s for only $5. I ended up cutting them into shorts and bleaching them. They turned out absolutely adorable.  There is just something about a good deal that makes me the happiest girl on earth, it’s the little things in life.




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