The Candle Lab + Lawerenceville

Happy Monday! This past weekend, I finally got around to going to The Candle Lab in Lawrenceville. I have wanted to go there for over a year and was so happy that I finally got the chance to. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. In fact the entire little town of Lawrenceville was amazing. I went with my boyfriend, a friend from high school, and her boyfriend. Can we say double date? lol. The Candle Lab was the first place we stopped at. When we walked in, I immediately got smacked in the face by so many different smells! It was actually pretty packed so we took our time picking out what scents we wanted. The first thing you do is grab a clipboard which has your card on it that you fill out. You then walk over to the wall of candles in which all are labeled with a different scent. You can write down the ones you are interested in using. After picking out those you then walk over to the other side to pick out the jar you want. We ended up picking the white ones which were around $21 each but they had a buy 3 get 1 free deal so we all ended up just splitting it four ways. When seats finally opened up, we sat down and spoke with one of the workers who helped us pick out our top scents. When we all decided on the ones we wanted, she gave us the oils and we got to pouring! It only took about twenty minutes to do everything and then we had to wait about 90 minutes to pick them back up so we headed over to a local boutique called No. 14.

Walking into No. 14 Boutique was like walking into heaven. I would honestly have to say it was the cutest boutique that I have ever been to. The aesthetic was literally amazing. One thing that kind of sucked was things were definitely on the more pricey side but I guess you get what you pay for. I ended up buying a really cute sweater and a few things from the brand Brittany Fusion. Needless to say I will definitely be back!

Since we still had a lot of time left to kill, we went to grab a bite to eat at Industry Public House. Another cool spot to check out. I ordered a chicken salad and in return got a mountain full of lettuce. I mean this picture doesn’t do justice; the salad was HUGE but also very yummy. My boyfriend ordered a caesar salad which was also on the larger size, my friend Shannon ordered their mac n cheese with pulled pork, and her boyfriend ordered a burger. Everything was so delicious; I would have no problem going back. For dessert my boyfriend and I ordered to-go a Leona’s ice cream sandwich. I have heard so many good things about Leona’s since it is made locally and also is lactose free. When we got home we devoured the entire thing. I can’t wait to go back to Lawrenceville and try some other amazing spots that I saw! Stay tuned!



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