Savannah, Georgia 2016

I finally got around to visiting Savannah again after so many years! Unfortunately, I only went for a short weekend but I was able to do a lot in that small amount of time. I ended up going with my Grandma, Mom, and Aunt so we made it into a little girls trip. When we flew in on Friday, we got in late so we just went to dinner at Rocks on the Roof which was a rooftop restaurant that looked over the river. After that we walked around City Market and then headed back to the hotel for the night.

Saturday morning we woke up early and went to breakfast at Mirabelle café where I had the best Belgian waffles! I still dream about them months later.

When we finished eating we headed across the street to go inside of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It was absolutely breathtaking. While there my Mom, Aunt, Gram, and myself lit a candle in my Paps memory which was really cool!

After that we headed to a bunch of boutiques and shops as well as some historical landmarks. This part of my day was probably my favorite part of the whole entire trip! Thanks to one of my blogger friends who is from Savannah she told me about a few really cute boutiques! If you ever visit Savannah you must stop at Red Clover Boutique, The Paris Market, Fabrik, and The Impeccable Pig. The boutiques in Savannah are so much nicer than the ones back here at home because they are way more unique and budget friendly.

After going to the boutiques, we went to Kendra Scott and Kate Spade. I have never been to an actual Kendra Scott store so I loved every second of it. After doing some damage we headed to get some lunch at a local restaurant called Trailer Park, where I had an amazing Cobb Salad! I even stopped in Chocolat by Adam Turoni which was an experience in itself!

After eating lunch, we walked around a little bit and pretty much were your basic tourists. I was able to check out where Forest Gump was filmed as well as got to see some cool old buildings. I loved the look of literally everything.

Later that night, we took a haunted carriage ride around town where we learned about the history and some of the local ghost stories. One thing that I found some interesting was why many of the homes have fish statues/decor and blue painted doors. Considering Savannah is extremely haunted, the fish are supposed to keep the ghosts away because supposedly they can’t cross over water so the people use the fish and blue doors to resemble water. They do this so their homes can not be affected by ghosts. It is definitely something to look up and read about because it was so oddly interesting.


Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to the airport. Unfortunately they over sold our flight so we had to rent a car and drive all the way to Charolette’s Airport where we finally were able to fly home! All in all, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back and hopefully call it home one day!



Houston, Texas 2017


Last month I made my first trip to Texas to visit family! While I was there I had my first rodeo experience. It was literally the wildest thing I have ever seen! I flew in on Friday landing around 4:00pm and then of course had to go shopping! I had recently come accross a Platos Closet insta that was in Katy and saw that they had posted a few really cute things so we swung by there after dropping all of our stuff off at the house! I got a Lilly Pulitzer dress new with tags retailing $138 for $16. I was able to flip it on Posh and make $40. I also snagged a Kendra Scott necklace! Ballin on a budget 🙂 After shopping at Platos we went to a western store called Cavender’s. I picked up some jewelry for the rodeo then we just went back to the house for dinner and I went to bed early. On Saturday we woke up early and headed to Houston for the Rodeo. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever been to. We were there for hours though so by the time 7:00pm hit we left to go grab some Greek food at Niko Niko’s. It is now my favorite Greek place! After an hour or so we headed back out for the hour drive back to Katy. I passed out the second my head hit the pillow.


On Sunday we had a chill day and just hung out by the pool. For dinner we drove back out to Houston to my second cousin’s house for dinner. I was so burnt from sitting by the pool all afternoon I was pretty miserable. (Typical) We then left there around 8:00pm and once again I passed out when I got back to the house. Unfortunately, Monday we had to fly home so we woke up early for the hour drive back to the airport. After about a three hour flight I was back in the Burgh. Definitely can’t wait to visit again!